This brand will help you design the perfect bra

Unless you are a woman of ability and confidence to wear a corset style bra, whether we like it or not, the occupants of the shoulders are part of our everyday life.

Thankfully, women’s underwear has been a long way from the corset, and we now have more choices than ever, from bralettes, both stylish and supportive bra, in fact, looks good.

corset style bra

But there is still room for improvement because women today should have more choices to adapt to her lifestyle and wardrobe. The idea came out of the bra’s lab, a new service designed to reshape standard bras.

The bra is composed of Gina Vericella Crevi laboratory Jennifer Vericella and sister Prado who is watching countless women trying to adapt to the new fashion style is outdated bra, think this is a new and improved design.

The characteristics of their patent concept of three separate components: the sale of bra bra cup molding and a plurality of circular placement options, bilateral and multi belt buckle back strap, which gives us a truly versatile and customizable bra.

Bra labs recently introduced Kickstarter campaigns to help pay for their new collection, which could give customers an increased range of sizes, better fabrics, and more designs. Their plans for the fall / winter line include a redesigned corset style bra and lace bra, which still features the double buckle straps.

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