Elevate Your Look: The Rise of the “Fancy” French Manicure Trend This Summer

Elevate Your Look: The Rise of the "Fancy" French Manicure Trend This Summer

Nail fashion is a realm of trends that come and go. Classic styles are great but some get evolved into better styles. The French manicure is one timeless design which is the staple in the world of nail art which has ruled over decades. While few of you thought that the trend has been laid to rest, we got a surprise! The fancy French manicure has come out better with a modern twist.

Woman showing her nail art on fingernails with glass

This updated take on a beloved classic is set to dominate the nail scene, bringing sophistication and flair to fingertips everywhere.

The Revival of French Manicure

The French manicure is a perfect fusion of sophistication and refinement. Formally known as the nude or pale pink base with white tips like an ideal healthy nail. But this time there is a twist with new colors, shapes, and designs.

Woman showing her nail art on fingernails

The “Fancy” French manicure has elevated its style to another level with hints of glamour and opulence to the traditional design. The newer fancy French manicure is about incorporating designs, embellishments and bold color choices. The French manicure ranges from classical metallic accents to geometric patterns. There is a sea of designs for creativity for an individual designing.

Why it’s Perfect for Summer

Summer is here and “fancy” French manicures have a realm of opportunities to enhance every unique look. Embrace the season’s vibes. Summer and light colors are for the win! Yes. The light and airy aesthetic complement the laid-back yet stylish atmosphere of summer. The win-win for both casual and formal occasions.

Close up hands with beautiful manicure and flower

Moreover, the versatility of the “fancy” French manicure is a good-fit for any summer occasion. You could lounge by the pool, attend a beach wedding, or have a club night in this nail trend for the instant touch of sophistication.

How to Rock the Trend

The “fancy” French manicure trend is way simpler than you think. Whether you prefer a subtle and understated look or want extra and bold design, there are options for all to cater your personal style.

First things first, choose a color palette that reflects your personal style. From your traditional nude and white combination to bolder hues and even metallics, you can add a touch of modernism to it.

Embellishments are a win

As the name suggests, embellishments adorn your nail style. Adding cute embellishments to make your “fancy” French manicure to another level. It could be anything that suits you from delicate floral to geometric patterns to shimmery rhinestones, add a touch of embellishment that catches the eye.

Finally, don’t forget to maintain your manicure with regular touch-ups and proper nail care. Keeping your nails healthy and well-groomed is essential for showcasing your “fancy” French manicure in all its glory.

Here is the guide book to say good bye to boring nails and bringing “fancy” French manicure trend. It could be conventional and modern both at the same time all when you are in your personal style. Shine through your nails lovelies!

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Nail Layering: The Trend Bringing Depth to Your Manicures

Nail Layering: The Trend Bringing Depth to Your Manicures

The world of beauty and self-expression is revolving like whirlwind of trends but nail art has secured a permanent position in these trends. The nail paints have come a long way from solid colors to beautifully designed nail art in terms of textures and designs. The horizon of trends has another latest one of nail layering. Nail layering is a creative technique which adds depth and dimension. The artistic flair and manicures are more enhanced through this technique. In contrary to the name, nail layering is not just colors layered over the nail. Rather, it is about expression of style and mood through nails.

The mixture of different textures and colors in the form of layers is the basic definition of what nail layering is. The unique and multi-dimensional look of nail layering provides a vast canvas for experimenting and bringing out the creative side of yours. The trend is loved by many because of the infinite possibilities and the way it allows subtle gradients, bold statements and endless designs.

Close up on beauty nail art with flower

Why the Hype?

The nail layering is hyped because of its vast nature and freedom for everyone to extend their choice. It caters to everyone’s need, let it be minimalist or extravagant. It is good for those who appreciate bold and eye-catching designs and also those who are into solids. The other reasons why this trend is gaining popularity are:


Nail layering gives you the maximum support to personalize your design in ways you haven’t seen before. They allow you to have your maximum liberty while stylizing your nails. It is a personalized approach to the beauty standards in the crowd.

Close up on beauty nail art with flower

Depth and Dimension

Layering allows you to add depth in the nail art. Different polishes create combined hues that aren’t available in a single shade. This brings out a different color that stand out. For instance, a shimmery galaxy or the color of the sunset can make a depth through different nail layering. These effects are only possible in nail layering for the fascinated approach.

Woman showing her nail art on fingernails with glass

Texture and effects

Nail layering is not just couple of colors layers stuffed. It is rather an exploration of different textures. You can experiment with glossy and mattes together or go glitters and solid colors in this trend. You can also add your favorite stickers and add a twist to your manicure.

Free photo woman showing her nail art on fingernails with flower

How to do Nail Layering

Being a popular trend, you would also want to get on the bandwagon and learn some new skill. Here is how you can do nail layering without any professional help. You can use some patience and creativity for it. Here are the tips:

– Begin with a base: Use a solid base coat to protect your nails. This will also ensure a smooth surface for layering.

– Play with Transparencies: Sheer polishes are the best for layering because of they allow the colors beneath to shine through them. Also, a new hue is created.

– Experiment with Textures: Textures are great and you need to mix and match them. A matte topcoat on a metallic polish creates a velvety appearance. A glossy finish on a matte base adds depth.

– Practice Patience: Pro tip is to dry each layer fully before applying the next. This saves you from smudging the colors and ensures each layer has a visible effect.

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5 Different Nail Shapes And How To Pick The Perfect Shape

5 Different Nail Shapes And How To Pick The Perfect Shape

Girls will be girls in their obsession with cute nail shapes. Every girl has a special nail shape she loves and wears it almost all the time. Some change their nail shapes with fashion, some with season and some simply by their mood.

Living around you must go through different nail shape types. Those Instagram posts, fashion magazines and celebrity trending nails inspire you. There are different nail types around and choosing the perfect shape for you can be confusing.

So here are some nail shape options you can choose from.


The oval shape is a common yet trendy shape. It is shape with sides filed and a semi-circle center shape. This shape does not require very long nails, a medium size can also do with few millimeters of free edge from the nail tip.

An oval shaped makes beautiful nail arts and solid colors both. It is a casual yet trendy party looking nail shape.

Hand type: The long palm and short fingers hand types look best with oval nail shapes.


The square nails are the classic nail shape. The typical manicure shape which is an all-rounder for anyone and anywhere. The best part of it is not only its fashionable shape but its practicality as well.

carousel image 0

The square nails do not break off fast and are let you carry out your practical work better than round ones. These last longer and provides more space for decoration and nail art. They look great on slim fingers.

Hand type: the long palm and long fingers look best with square nails.


The ballerina and also known as the coffin nails are the trendiest nail shape. The vogue looking nails are well suited on longer nail lengths. These are a tapered shape tip with sides filed.

carousel image 0

This shape can be achieved by long and sturdy nail types. The ballerina nails are the party nails which look great on brides too. They support designing and color shading with maximum space. Decorate them with little studs detailing around the tips.

Hand type: Wide palm and long fingers hand type look best with ballerina nails.

Stiletto Nails

As the name suggests, the stiletto nails are the pointed sharp nails. Like the pointed heels are called stiletto, these nails are also long. These are sharp

These nails are usually achieved by acrylics nails and are hard on the get on your natural ones.

Hand type: short palm and long fingers look best with the stiletto nails.

Squoval Nails

The squoval nails are a mixture of oval and square nails. They are square from the sides and slightly round on the tip. These are the most decent nails suitable your go-to type. They look classic and trendy if you are not in the long nail types.

These nails are easy to carry and do not create problems in your daily-to-daily chores. You can wear them anywhere, casual to formal.

Hand type: short palm and short nails look best in the squoval nail shapes.

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5 Nail Designs To Copy This Autumn

5 Nail Designs To Copy This Autumn

Girls will be girls and their obsessing with cute nails will be eternal. With the changing weather and Autumn kicking in, fall nail trends are also emerging. Every season brings a specific nail trend which everyone likes to follow.

This autumn is no different and we hope to fight the blues with cute nail designs for you. Let’s us cozy up this autumn season with beautiful nail designs. We got a full list ranging from classic pumpkin inspired nails to brownish leaves.

Here is the list we curated with the best designs you could have this fall season.

Tie-Dye Abstract Swirls

We all been following the oval shaped nails for a while now. Redefine these nails with a hint of fall colors abstract swirls on them. These swirls can be brown, beige and orange colored combo with adds a touch of autumn while staying bright in the season.

Close up smiley woman with pretty manicure

You can create a combination of three colored swirls, a glitter swirl or a single-colored ones too. Remind yourself of the beautiful sea waves while you wear these nails.

Halloween Patterns

Orange and white are the colors of the fall season because of its touch of the holiday season in it. Go for solid white nails with hint of black and orange lines and spider web designs on the thumb or the middle finger.

Woman showing her nail art on fingernails with autumn leaf

This is a holiday-inspired autumn look which stands out other nail art designs. You can also vary which finger you want a spider web created on. This look is neon and creative.

Muted Symbols

Beige and neutral tone colors look ethereal on nail art designs. These trendy colors can be used as a base for nail arts with muted symbols designs created in white color.

Beautiful woman's nails with beautiful french manicure  and pink rose

Muted symbols can be zodiac signs, sun, stars etc. Creating an artistic look to your nail art. Pick random ten symbols for your nails.

Tiny Flowers

One thing we miss about autumn is flowers. Bring liveliness to your nails with tiny flowers painted on your nails in a selected color palette. You can also create a dark color palette to create flowers for this fall season.

Close up on beauty nail art with flower

Bring the spring in autumn with this twisty color palette.

Mocha Ombre

The mocha ombre color effect on your nails speaks of the autumn spirit like no other. Bring the best color combinations like coffee cream and brown, black and white for autumnish look.

Create an ombre effect in a light to dark shade or vice versa strategy.

Cheetah Nails

Create feisty autumn nails look by painting the tips in cheetah print. The classic brown base with black spots on it. The tips look artistic and creative and also grace every look.

Pair these cheetah nail tips with a solid black nail polish or keep the other half of the nail clear.

Here were the top-tier designs to get your autumn nails sorted. Choose the best option and start gearing up for autumn in style. Don’t forget to take photos!

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Creative Nail Art Ideas for Any Occasion


Every woman loves to take care of her nails, and most resort to having their nails done with a manicure, as this job is not as simple as it seems. It is often more worthwhile to get your nails done by a specialized professional so that they have a great result.

But nowadays, it’s not enough just to do your nails, we also want to decorate them with nail art. And with each passing year, new trends emerge, with drawings, stripes, geometric shapes, gradients, and much more. I’ve separated some very creative nail art models that are suitable for any occasion, and that will make you much more stylish and modern.

Heart nail art

This type of design is very feminine and reflects a more romantic woman. You can leave the heart designs on only one nail, and paint the others completely, it looks very charming, and you can use it for any occasion. Bet on accessories like rings to complete the look.

Gradient on the nails

Painting a nail each different shade of the same color is super trendy. Choose your favorite color and pick 5 different shades from the lightest to the darkest. It is very modern and full of character. If you are going to use it in a more elegant event, prefer more neutral colors, like the brown in the photo, for example. But if you want a more vibrant color, don’t be afraid to be bold.

Marbled nail

Another trend that came with everything is the marble effect on the nails! It looks the most beautiful thing, and it’s still very elegant. Bet on this idea for a more sophisticated party, however, you can also use the marbled nail in any environment. Neutral colors look very nice, but colorful ones also look very stylish.

Stylish francesinhas

You certainly know the french nail art, when only the tip of the nail is painted, usually with the traditional white, but how about a bolder francesinha? As you can see, this idea in the photo below is full of personality and style. Bet on glitter and metallic to escape conventional and rock your nails. It is a very charming and youthful option that will add a lot to your outfit.

Curved lines

This is one of the trends that have been used the most in recent times, especially with almond-shaped nails. This nail art option is very fashionista and shows that the person has attitude and personality. You can use just one color, or mix and match with different colors. It looks very pretty and can be used for any occasion.

Curved lines with one color

You can also make the curved lines with just one color, as already mentioned, and besides, you can only do it on some nails, and the others you can dare, paint everything, or paint only half of the nail. Add glitter details to make the look more sophisticated. It is a perfect nail art to use in parties, such as weddings, graduations, and cocktail parties.

Flower nails

Flowers on nails are a classic. Complement the nail art with “francesinhas” on the tips of the nails, and make flowers in a medium size to attract more attention. It is a more delicate nail art style, which looks great on any occasion.

There are so many beautiful models, that it is even difficult to choose. Do you already know what your next nail art will be? Understand what your style is, and ask your manicurist to do it. You can be sure that it will make all the difference in your outfit.

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Thanksgiving Nails You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Thanksgiving Nails You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and guess what! Thanksgiving nails are also around the corner. After spending time away from family, there’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than with a festive mani. Furthermore, if you need some alone time, DIY nail art can at the very least, be a pleasant diversion.

There are a few considerations when choosing the Thanksgiving nail art you want to try this fall. For instance, make sure to use autumnal hues like brown, red, and yellow. Additionally, if you want to be more literal, choose some adorable Thanksgiving or fall-themed nail art, such as pumpkins, turkeys, or autumnal leaves.

Now that you probably have a few ideas check out this list of 16 incredibly adorable Thanksgiving nail art designs.

Fall Flowers Nail Design

Even though blossoms aren’t in full bloom at this time of year, floral-themed nail art is undoubtedly in. Fall color schemes are so incredibly inspiring, so you could apply these cosy, warm colors to your with florals. Only the tips of the nails have flowers, and they are quite small. As you work on this design, position both hands firmly on a flat surface and use your pinky to help keep your hand steady.

Fall-Ready Tortoiseshell French Tips

This Thanksgiving, turn up the heat with these inviting French manicures. These tortie tips have a subtle theme, but what makes them stand out is the green contrasting lining that is directly below. Press-on versions work just as well as this tortoise foil version. You can easily achieve this look at home using a nail polish brush, but how you use it is critical to nailing the design.

Abstract Thanksgiving Nail Art

These stunning abstract nails are soft and precise all at once, which is something that requires the skills of a nail tec. Take a screenshot of this, show the pros, and feel free to change the layered nail polish colors to fit your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and fall mood.

Because the nail is multi-color, you can rock it with any outfit.

Turkey Nail Art

What made you think we wouldn’t include at least one turkey nail design in our Thanksgiving nail gallery? Because it is so adorable, this is one of my favorite Thanksgiving nail ideas. Try a turkey nail design if you want to be especially festive for Thanksgiving. Your nails will stand out with this, for sure.

Surprisingly, getting this nail art at home is relatively easy. With this manicure, the more room there is for detail, the better; therefore, we advise wearing acrylics or growing your nails as long as possible.

Gold-Lined Cuticles

If full-on glam nail art (think glittery nail polish galore) isn’t your thing, but you still want to look fancy for Thanksgiving, line your cuticles with a thin line of gold nail polish and pair it with a neutral polish shade. This is a quick and easy way to make something fashionable that looks simple and elegant and this time has a Thanksgiving feel.

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Why You Choose to Go Nude on Your Nails

Nude nail polish

If you are in doubt about which shade of nail polish to use on your next trip to the manicure, bet on nude. This tone is very beautiful and brings a lot of femininity, delicacy and elegance. This color is that joker so you can’t go wrong when you don’t know which nail polish color to match your look.

And for you to have idea, it’s not just people who are fashionistas who love this shade of nail polish, many celebrities have joined this trend, and they can’t live without it anymore, because it’s a very easy shade to use.

Another tip is to choose the right nude for you, neither too light nor too dark. The ideal choice is a nude up to two shades lighter or two shades darker than your skin tone. You should also keep in mind your skin’s undertone, whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral. If it’s hot, opt for warmer nudes that have a more orange feel. If your skin undertone is cool, go for more pinkish or grayish nudes, and if your skin undertone is neutral, you’re lucky, you can use any shade of nude.

Want more reasons to bet on the nude nail trend? Keep reading this article to find out why you should bet on this nail polish shade.

Nude can also make an impact

Despite it gaining a reputation for being a very discreet and dull color, nude nail polish can make all the difference in that more elaborate party look. He’s a tone full of attitude that can make a lot more impact on your outfit.

Nude nail polish is super high

You can pick up any fashion magazine and you will see that this is true, nude nail polish is a very strong trend in autumn, as cooler seasons call for softer and more feminine tones. It’s the perfect time for you to bet on that tone.

It’s timeless

As we know, there are nail polish shades that don’t match so much with a certain time of year, with a certain type of event or outfit, but nude never goes out of style! You can use it in any season of the year, and in any occasion, it will be a sure choice.

Nude nail polish is the ideal shade for more classic and elegant people

If you have a more classic style, nude nail polish is perfect for you. It helps to keep your outfit focused on the most sophisticated pieces of clothing, keeping a clean and discreet look, but at the same time with a lot of attitude. You can bet on lighter tones, with a pink or yellow background, if you are more romantic, or even if you want to decorate the tips of your nails, these nude tones are ideal.

The most modern and daring can also use

If you have a style with more personality, you can also bet on nudes. The tip is to opt for more intense tones, such as browns, greyish nudes, and whites, which end up being more dramatic and daring. As you can see, it’s a nail polish shade that goes well with any person, occasion and time of year.

Extends the period of the next visit to the manicure

Because it is a lighter shade, the possible chips on the nails end up not becoming so visible, so you don’t feel the need to go to the manicure so quickly. When we have dark nail polish, for example, we soon see any flaw in the nail and we start to feel uncomfortable. In addition, even if you don’t have any chips, as the days go by, the nail grows, and we see the cuticle line without nail polish. With the nude nail polish, this is not so noticeable, and we were able to wait a little longer to go to the manicure.

Nude nail polish enhances any nail art

If you are one of those who love to bet on nail art, with elaborate designs on your nails, but you don’t know which color to choose as a base, the right bet is nude enamel. It will work with anything you want to put on your nails, from minimalist designs to more colorful and vibrant designs.

It’s perfect to balance your outfit or bold makeup

For the most daring people who like to wear makeup or put on a very bold and stylish outfit, nude nail polish is the ideal choice. As it is a more discreet tone, it will give more balance to your makeup or your outfit with the rest of the look, without leaving the production overloaded.

Make your nails longer

Did you know that nude nail polish helps to give the impression of a longer nail? That’s because when it is painted correctly, the line between the nail and the finger disappears, giving the impression that the fingers are thinner and elongated and the nails are longer. To enhance this effect, opt for almond or oval shapes on your nails.

As you can see, nude nail polish is the right choice, especially when you are in doubt about what to wear, so you can bet on this trend without fear!

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Where To Find Beautiful Fall Nail Polish?

Bow Nail Polish - Grey Area Nail Polish

As the weather starts to change and transition into fall, you may want to create a cozier environment that matches the season. This means getting your wardrobe ready for the autumnal season, drinking steaming lattes, decorating the home and even changing your nail colors. Autumn is one of the favorite times of the year for nail art and colors. Although our hands are frequently tucked inside gloves during the colder months, having color on your fingertips is an instant mood-booster. Many find inspiration in the nature with the changing colors of the leaves.  Fall is about earthy neutral shades such as tonal browns.

If you are searching for fall nail colors for your next nail appointment or DIY at home, well, there are plenty of inspiration to choose from. Firstly, go through your fall wardrobe and if you find that you look good wearing that color for your clothes, it is likely that you will look great as a nail color as well. While choosing colors is highly individual, there are certain things that are universal for the season such as transitioning to deeper tones. Whether you are into classics like black, plums, burgundy or nude nail polish or keen to try something trendy like chrome, you will definitely be able to find the best mani color for Fall.

Where Can You Find Beautiful Fall Nail Polish?

You do not have to dig deep into your pockets to find beautiful fall nail polish. Just head to any pharmacies to find them. Another place where you can easily find fall nail polish is to shop online. Everything can be done in the comfort of your own home and delivered to your doorstep.  Below are some of the trending fall nail colors and where you can buy them.

Fall Nail Colors 2022 That You Should Try

Below are some of the trending fall nail colors that you should keep a lookout for and where you can buy them.

Moss Green 

If you are looking for something unique, go for deep moss green like this Pine-ing For You hunter green shape from Orly. This shade flatters any skin tone and green is a nice way to try out a darker shade without wearing the classic burgundy shade that is popular in the fall. 

Pine-ing For You
Pine-ing For You

Yellow Mustard

If you want to keep things fresh and exciting, try bright mustard yellow nail color. This shade mirrors the vibrancy of the fall yellow foliage. Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow will give you extra wattage as it is sophisticated and bright. 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color

Rich Brown

If you want to wear dark nail polish but want to give burgundy a break, you can opt for tonal browns. This deep hue is the new black. It is chic and sophisticated, and perfect hue for those looking to wear a dramatic warm color, but with a softer feel. Check out Hawaii Beach brown tan from Nails Inc.

Hawaii Beach Nude Nail Polish
Hawaii Beach Nude Nail Polish


Your fall nail colors collection is incomplete without a red manicure. It is a classic shade that is not going anywhere. When it comes to classics, there is no other than Chanel. Le Vernis in Pirate flatters all skin tones and is great tone for fall. 

Slate Grey

Gray nails are undeniably on trend especially slate grey. It is a dark shade that is both edgy and neutral at the same time. It is dark enough to get noticed and subtle enough to go with any outfit in your fall wardrobe. Go ahead and add this Deborah Lippman x Grey Jason Wu nail polish to your bag. 

Bow Nail Polish - Grey Area Nail Polish
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Elevate Your Look: The Rise of the "Fancy" French Manicure Trend This Summer

Nail art is not new in the tradition of women’s fashion. Nail art is used to make your nails look stunning and as a form of self-expression of a woman to become more fashionable, look modern and attract attention. The nail art applications can increase self-confidence and add the beauty to your nails with a combination of various colors.

Nowadays nail arts are not only used for special occasions such as weddings, even in everyday life you can make your nails beautiful with nail arts. More interesting, you can easily buy equipments for making nail arts at various stores. So, you can be creative to make your own nail arts at home!

Here are 6 flower-themed nail art inspirations that you should try to make your nails look fancy and attractive!

1. Simple – Cute Floral Nail Arts For Summer


Are you a beginner in nail decoration? It doesn’t matter. With this simple nail art decoration you can make your nails stand out more for this summer.

Try combining burgundy, orange and white nail polish. You can draw a simple floral pattern to bring out the cheerful summer vibes. Add polka dot pattern that will make your nails even cuter. This polka dot pattern is very easy to do even for beginners, but the result will look pretty on the nails. You can also add glittery nail polish to make your nails look shiny. Don’t forget to add a top coat so that your nail art looks smooth and long lasting.

2. White French Tip With Blue Flowers

This nail art is also suitable for you to try this summer. If you don’t like bright nail polish colors, you can try this classic manicure with a simple, but still beautiful, blue floral design. Please note, blue is one of the popular color trends for this summer. By combining blue and white, it will make your nails look fresh.

3. Fancy Flowers Nail Art With Matte Finish

1pack Flower & Faux Pearl Nail Art Decoration
1pack Flower & Faux Pearl Nail Art Decoration

Matte nail polish designs have been in a lot of hype in recent years. Nail art with a matte finish can still give a luxurious and classy impression. This matte design is perfect for those of you who don’t like shiny and complicated nail art. Even the soft mint grayish color that seems gloomy at first glance, can be more fancy with the addition of floral accents and small beads at the corners of the nails.

4. Stunning Flower Painting Nail Art

Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith

You can turn your nails into a mini canvas for creativity. Paint pictures of beautiful flowers on the corners of your nails and add leaves painting too. The combination of soft pink with various colors in your flower decorations will look sweet and fresh. Wouldn’t this design look perfect for spring and summer? You have to try!

5. 3D Cherry Blossoms Nail Art

You can experiment with a real embossed effect on your nails. The embossed effect to create 3D nail art is obtained by using acrylic liquid for nails. You can make cute designs with acrylic directly on your nails, or make them on the surface of aluminum foil and then stick them on your nails. The fun thing is, you can not only experiment with colors, 3D nail art also allows you to be creative with various attractive and beautiful designs. Try this pretty cherry blossom design. Soft pink gradations with embossed flower petals will look sweet and adorable!

6. Elegant Floral Nail Art With Diamonds

The natural beauty of flowers, has a strong charisma towards women. It’s no wonder that many women like floral designs for their nail arts. Flower nail art designs are also very popular for weddings because they will make your nails look not only beautiful but also elegant. To give a classy and luxurious impression, you can add small diamonds to decorate your nails, like in this nail art design. Although the design is quite simple, the addition of diamond details makes the final result look stunning.

Not only outfits, nail arts can make your appearance more adorable as well. You can make your own nail arts or go to a nail salon for professional services. So, are you interested to try? Which design is your favourite?

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