6 Dreamy Maternity Dresses for Your Baby Shower

The baby shower is usually a much anticipated event for moms on duty. These events are often designed to celebrate the birth of the baby among family and friends. As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, it is common for her to start planning that long-awaited day: ordering the dress, food and drinks, planning the decorations and making the guest list so that everything goes as smoothly as possible on the day.

One of the concerns that always appears in the head of those who are going to have a baby shower is what dress to wear on the day.

There are many options available on the market and this can leave mom a little confused when choosing the dress. However, there are some tips that can make this task a little easier:

• Keep an eye on the theme and colors of the party: It is very important that before choosing the dress, the theme or colors of the party are chosen. That’s because, usually the dress has to be in accordance with the theme of the party so that it becomes much more harmonious.

•Research about the weather: This action is essential as it will avoid possible discomfort during the event. Knowing about an estimate of how the weather will be, it will be more plausible to choose fabrics and sleeves for the long-awaited day.

• Pay attention to the period of the day in which the party will take place: Deciding before choosing the dress about the period in which the party will take place is also essential. So mom will have one more filter when choosing the colors and details of her dress.

Pink dresses: Pink dresses are a total success among moms who are expecting a girl. Feminine, delicate and highly charming, this shade of dress usually adds a light touch to the party. Models with sleeves are usually quite successful in autumn, and can also be used in winter with coats and stoles.

White dress: White dresses tend to suit both moms of boys and moms of girls. It is also quite versatile and can be used day or night. White dresses are a good choice for those who are undecided as they go with absolutely every theme.

Green Dress: Dresses in green color are usually chosen for parties during the day. This shade of dress is usually very beautiful at parties held outdoors, as it provides a beautiful contrast of colors in the photos..


Red dress: This color is quite exuberant and is usually chosen for parties held at night. Elegant, striking and sensual, this color usually leaves moms with a breathtaking look of the party guests.

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Blue dress: These tones are often chosen by mothers of boys. The blue color conveys tranquility and subtlety. This color is also usually chosen by mothers who have their baby shower in places with lakes to provide a much more interesting contrast in photographs and filming.

Black dress: This color is usually chosen and is highly recommended for mothers who want to be daring, go out of the way and innovate in their baby shower dress. As light colors are much more popular, the mother who wears a dress in this tone will certainly receive comments for her style.

Baby shower day is much awaited by moms. The dress is one of the most important items of that day and choosing a model that will look good in photos and footage is essential. Knowing information about the party, it’s easier to choose the same and rock that special day!

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