The Smudged Eye Look: The New Cool?

The Smudged Eye Look: The New Cool?

The world of beauty has its news and old really fast. The trends in cosmetics tend to change every now and then. A winged eyeliner changes into a cat eye real soon in one Instagram feed refresh. The smudged eye look is one trend that has been holding waters in the beauty industry. This edgy, undone aesthetic has been embraced by beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists making it an obvious new cool in the realm of beauty standards.

Front view woman with graphic eye makeup

Conventional makeup trends have leaned towards precision and perfection. For instance, the era of winged eyeliner was about sharpness and perfection. The meticulously blend eyeshadows, and perfectly defined brows were the height of beauty standards. The smudged eye look is here to contradict the past fashion in a better and more powerful way.

What is smudged eye look?

Picture this: apply an intentional blur line as your eyeliner and not as sharp and neat as it used to be in the past. The soft smudged eyeliner, diffused eyeshadow, and rough mascara are the new trend in the eye makeup industry. It’s the makeup equivalent of tousled bedhead hair—a little disheveled, a little imperfect, but undeniably chic.

Woman staring at camera with bright face and blue eyes

The versatility is one reason that has hyped up the smudged eye look. It is a trend that can be adapted to suit various styles and occasions. It fits well all from grungy and dramatic to soft and romantic. The subtle smudge of kohl eyeliner along the lash line lives up in both a daytime and night time event. You can add elaboration to the night time one with a smoky eyeshadow across the lid and mascara on the lashes for the lived-in effect.

Close up woman wearing make up

The accessibility is the key reason why the smudged eye look is gaining popularity. The low-key look asks for less practice and no hours of practice. It rather encourages experimentation and embraces imperfection, welcoming everybody to try it. The look welcomes everyone to stroke a eyeliner without doubting their perfection or “steady hand”. It can be simply made by a smudger brush, an eyeliner and an eyeshadow.

The smudged eye look is easy-going that syncs with many young people. It gives a sense of personalization and an easy-going look which everyone can pull. In a world where filters and Facetune reign supreme, there’s something refreshing about embracing imperfections and celebrating the beauty of impermanence.

Beautiful caucasian woman with red eyeliner

Like any other trend, smudged eye looks also got its fair share of criticism. Some called it “messy” while other called it an understatement of skill and precision of makeup and negates the unrealistic beauty standards.

Everything aside, it is important to recognize beauty as subjective and no one recipe cooks it all. One person can rock one look, while the other can fail, which is completely normal. At its core, the smudged eye look is all about embracing and expression your creativity. You need to take makeup as a tool to enhance your beauty for your own uniqueness.

So, the smudged eye look is the new cool? I guess so.

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