5 ways to design a better size sports bra

It’s hard to get back to shape, especially for women, because we look in the mirror like our bodies. We need to exercise the clothes, hide the “evil”, and our sweat and breathing and powerless moral support, and make our spirit up hidden fat, so we can feel that we don’t let ourselves do our thinking. Enter the sports bra + big vest. It’s every woman’s exercise “go”, because it’s super comfortable and two, it makes you look good, whatever you’re on your fitness journey. I joined Pilates this summer and was doing cheap bra I found in TJ Maxx, but when I put my workout every Friday day, it became clear that I needed to compete in my sportswear competition as well. Besides, I’m tired of washing clothes all the time. I used to be skinny, always wearing sports jerseys, and even before I hit a weightlifter or a rock climber, I thought I was strong and athletic. As a scale of 6, their factory, as a No. 10, all Lycra just shows to invite their waistline inches. They’re all packed up now, waiting for me to lose weight…… And my skinny jeans. This is the best time for bras and tanks. I don’t know what a bra would be like shopping now, as a woman’s chest curve.

corset style bra

I went to REI first because I thought they’d have several brands, because this is my personal mecca. When I was in an art store, I was so excited. I don’t even know what it’s meant to do, but I want them. It feels like having these cool things, even if I never use them, it makes me an outdoor genius. I’m excited, I decided to put my brand name, that kind of more details than the Japanese armor and cost of wealth, but let you look like a Pilates class of cool girls. No, we don’t always secretly appreciate how long you can hold on, or how many delegates you can do. We often participate in the “Shin”. It keeps our brain away from pain.

After 2 hours, I sweat, get disheartened, breathless. What I thought was the last thing I’d like to buy was regular bras, swimsuits and jeans, but now I know I can add sports bras to that list. Try on sport bras for size 10 and C cups, just like Houdini gets rid of shackles or wrestling with Python or tries to pass himself through a tire. If I’m not trapped in something (something or fall off), I’m gasping for Lycra, cutting off my air supply and crushing my bust like 1920 of the baffle to want to look like a boy. I feel exhausted, and I wonder if sportswear companies design these things for us to exercise and exercise. Do you want to burn 500 calories? Try our corset style bra.
I was very frustrated and humiliated too. I think I’m a size 10, and now I sigh and stretch my hand to make them laugh at me. When I finally gave in and tried an extra large, still nervous, I was going to call every Players Inc and curse them. I’m serious, because when is a 10 size XXL? I went to Laguna, ATHLETA and Lulu lemon, and all had the same problem. There is a hypothesis that all women who exercise will not exceed B cups, while in the sports world, size 10 is as big as women’s.. Today, all the attention is added to the size, and you think they will choose a more realistic size. If I, a woman of average size, can’t find enough sports bras, what else can 12 other women do? I dare not think. Sports companies need to be real (or false) and scale us like sporting goods companies. Banana Republic likes to tell me I’m number 4. I know they’re lying, but anyway, I still feel good.

This experience made me realize that there are some serious problems in most corset style bra markets, and when it comes to plump women and the upper B bra bust, maybe they can use feedback. So listen to sports brands. Here are 5 ways to design better sports bras:

First of all, don’t think so loud. Keep fantasy cute tank top and leggings. In the sports bra give me some money, I will buy a pair of gaiters, and then happily walk away.

Second, what happened to those tapes? This is a gym top, not a lingerie or nightclub outfit. Of course, it looks very beautiful, like the goddess Yoga bum, but if I want to strangle his string useless, I will go to buy underwear. Keep it a strong, simple belt, and it can easily find out which open neck, arm or bust of my chest, and I will always love you.

Third, stop the elastic with the rocket that can hold the X space. If I wanted to know how much fat I had, I would stay in front of the mirror. When I don’t need to see it, my work has been ill dressed, sweaty, tired, just because it’s not cool exercise and the coach has been burning my thighs for 20 minutes. Yes, the great depression or who needs more rigid flexibility, maybe in a clip, we can easily go in and out of the wrong shoulders.

Fourth, what are the strange fillings that you always insist on putting into each pattern? It’s filling that makes our chest look bigger, right? Thank you, but I’ve covered it. Why is it square? Why does it float? Every top I’ve ever tried has these nasty things floating, making ugly, weird lumps in strange places. Thank you, but I already have back fat. If you really think I need it, then at least let it rotate and sew it down. What? You can charge me 55 dollars for one hundred styles of details, but when it comes to stitching the pads, just doesn’t have time? Please. Just stopped.

Fifth, stop sizing outrageously unrealistic. In an unfair universe, it’s a XXL of 10.

Finally, I went back to TJ Maxx. Maybe their corset style bra are cheap, made of poor elastic materials, and they’re broken out of their brands in a few months, but they’re very simple and comfortable, and they don’t make me cry when I look at the size tag.

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