Choose your underwear according to your sign

Each constellation has certain characteristics and functions. Some people are good friends when you need comfort, while others are the ones who encourage you to do better. Some interesting parties, while others are very large in the bedroom. Everyone has our place to live, just like we underestimated our friend’s corset style bra. From boxers to bras, from bras to thong, each kind of underwear is a definite purpose. So, we’re here to tell you about your underwear, according to your sign!
ARIES: push up bra
Aries believes in pushing people to do better and get more, so pushing bra bras is their partner. Two people and push up bras are all about raising what has, and a little extra heat!
Taurus: T-shirt bra
Comfort is the word that describes Taurus and T-shirt bras best. Simple, practical, and effective, t shirt bras are safe for many people, just like stable, simple taurus.
Gemini bra
Geminis are all about flexibility and variety, so their underwear is a multidirectional bra. Adaptable, versatile and versatile, multiple bras perform many functions, just like Geminis, and they behave in many different ways.
Cancer: grandma briefs
Cancer is all about the mother, a homely feeling that makes her form a similar soul in underwear (oddly enough). This is your underwear for comfort, especially in tough times.

corset style bra
LEO: a gorgeous corset
Gorgeous and extravagant, Leos are full of charm and fashion. A gorgeous corset bra, which is not only decorative, but also enhanced in their form, what does ray ou like?. Full lace, bows, straps and pieces, Leo people like these bras!
VIRGO: high waist underwear
Virgos love the best side, all in the “perfect” shape, which is why high waist underwear is what they all love. They are all fixed, every “defect”, pay attention to every tiny detail, they seek relief, very alert, like body sculpting underwear.
LIBRA: thong, thong, thong
T – shirts, like Libra’s preference, are all about looks than functions. Beauty and beauty come from beautiful things, Libra is very important, more practical than anything, so it is natural that small and lovely T – shirts are suitable for them.
Scorpio: corset style bra
Painful and sexy, bras are like Scorpio himself. They can be violent, suffocating points, and they look good. In addition, both the corset and the Scorpio are abnormal and complex, making their perfect Zodiac match with the zodiac!
Sagittarius: Sports Bra
Perfect outdoors, Sagittarius and sports bras are outdoor activities and sports. They are good sports. However, Sagittarius and sports bras are not intended for other uses and do not provide much protection and support.
Seamless bottom
Capricorn is a sign of maturity and stability in the zodiac. Who has no hair?. Seamless underwear, smooths any line, makes tight clothes look perfect, is their favorite underwear, everything seems simple, but the ability to structure.
Aquarius: wacky bra
Wild, wacky and adventurous, laced bras are a huge new trend. Because they are all about new and unique, and this is their favorite underwear. Free and bold, like bottles, bralettes, unstable support systems, but they’re really interesting!
Pisces: Silk shorts
Like a soft comfortable dream, silk shorts, light underwear, a man lost in. Amiable, lovely Pisces gentle, just like this. Pisces are the ones that soothe your troubles, and the silk shorts with the breeze do the same.

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