Nail Layering: The Trend Bringing Depth to Your Manicures

Nail Layering: The Trend Bringing Depth to Your Manicures

The world of beauty and self-expression is revolving like whirlwind of trends but nail art has secured a permanent position in these trends. The nail paints have come a long way from solid colors to beautifully designed nail art in terms of textures and designs. The horizon of trends has another latest one of nail layering. Nail layering is a creative technique which adds depth and dimension. The artistic flair and manicures are more enhanced through this technique. In contrary to the name, nail layering is not just colors layered over the nail. Rather, it is about expression of style and mood through nails.

The mixture of different textures and colors in the form of layers is the basic definition of what nail layering is. The unique and multi-dimensional look of nail layering provides a vast canvas for experimenting and bringing out the creative side of yours. The trend is loved by many because of the infinite possibilities and the way it allows subtle gradients, bold statements and endless designs.

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Why the Hype?

The nail layering is hyped because of its vast nature and freedom for everyone to extend their choice. It caters to everyone’s need, let it be minimalist or extravagant. It is good for those who appreciate bold and eye-catching designs and also those who are into solids. The other reasons why this trend is gaining popularity are:


Nail layering gives you the maximum support to personalize your design in ways you haven’t seen before. They allow you to have your maximum liberty while stylizing your nails. It is a personalized approach to the beauty standards in the crowd.

Close up on beauty nail art with flower

Depth and Dimension

Layering allows you to add depth in the nail art. Different polishes create combined hues that aren’t available in a single shade. This brings out a different color that stand out. For instance, a shimmery galaxy or the color of the sunset can make a depth through different nail layering. These effects are only possible in nail layering for the fascinated approach.

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Texture and effects

Nail layering is not just couple of colors layers stuffed. It is rather an exploration of different textures. You can experiment with glossy and mattes together or go glitters and solid colors in this trend. You can also add your favorite stickers and add a twist to your manicure.

Free photo woman showing her nail art on fingernails with flower

How to do Nail Layering

Being a popular trend, you would also want to get on the bandwagon and learn some new skill. Here is how you can do nail layering without any professional help. You can use some patience and creativity for it. Here are the tips:

– Begin with a base: Use a solid base coat to protect your nails. This will also ensure a smooth surface for layering.

– Play with Transparencies: Sheer polishes are the best for layering because of they allow the colors beneath to shine through them. Also, a new hue is created.

– Experiment with Textures: Textures are great and you need to mix and match them. A matte topcoat on a metallic polish creates a velvety appearance. A glossy finish on a matte base adds depth.

– Practice Patience: Pro tip is to dry each layer fully before applying the next. This saves you from smudging the colors and ensures each layer has a visible effect.

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