6 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Day Ideas You Need Early Know

Thanksgiving Day Ideas

Thanksgiving is already next month, it is a very special date that is celebrated at the end of November, usually together with the family, in order to thank all the graces received in the year.

Because it is a very important and big party in some houses, there is usually a get-together with a feast of food and even gifts, so today I’m going to give you 6 tips for Thanksgiving ideas that you need to know soon.

Cutlery Decoration

Bet on the decoration of cutlery under the dining table. There are several ways to arrange the cutlery, but look how cute this idea in the photo above is. As Thanksgiving takes place in the fall, the ideal is to make a decoration that has to do with the season, such as dry, orange and reddish leaves. It gives a touch of warmth and is very elegant. I’m sure your guests will find it very charming.

Table decorated with candles

Enjoy the table decor! A great idea is for you to invest in candles, who doesn’t think a candlelight dinner is beautiful? Okay, it doesn’t have to be with the dining room light off and only the candles lit, but even with the ambient light on, the glow of the candles makes the environment much more welcoming and relaxing. It looks very elegant, and gives more value to the table decoration.

If you can, use porcelain dishes, it will be the most beautiful thing in the world, in addition to being very chic. Use more refined cutlery and bodies to compose this whole set, and have a very fine and elegant Thanksgiving table.

Grape skewer

After dinner, you always order dessert, don’t you? If you’re out of ideas for what to serve as a sweet, how about skewers and grapes with dulce de leche and chestnuts? It’s very simple and easy to make, cheap and everyone loves it. It’s a delight! Even the kids will love it. In addition, it can serve to decorate the table as well.

And of course you can use this idea to do the same with other fruits, like strawberries with chocolate syrup and coconut flakes. You can use your imagination and make delicious combinations.

Decorated cookies

Speaking of children, another very easy tip is to decorate stuffed cookies, like the ones in the photo, for example. The symbol of Thanksgiving is the bird, and nothing fairer than making a chicken face. But of course you can decorate in other ways.

The children’s snack will be much more fun and yummy, for sure they will find it super cool. You can use this same idea to decorate cookies, or any other kind of snack.

chicken hat

And to make the game more fun, make chicken hats for the kids. You will only need cardstock in the colors you want to make, scissors, and glue. There’s no mystery, and you can invite the kids to do it together and have a good laugh.

Dinner in the backyard

Finally, have you ever thought about making Thanksgiving dinner in your backyard? If you have a rustic table in your backyard, even better! And don’t forget to put lots of light bulbs in the decoration, because it looks very charming. Get inspired by the idea in the photo above, your guests and family will love it!

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Gift Ideas For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about eating delicious food and thinking about everything we are thankful for sounds. While you are planning your Thanksgiving outfit for a virtual table via Zoom with your family and friends or you are opting for a cozy night in with a small group, why not step up the game a bit by throwing in some presents? One of the reasons why Thanksgiving is a fun day is because there are no expectations of gifts. So why not take this opportunity to bring a gift to someone if they invite you over for dinner or perhaps show a loved one that you are thankful for the sumptuous meal they are cooking for you.

After all, Thanksgiving is about being grateful and you can express that with some gifts. You can be a little creative when it comes to gifts this season.  If the receiver is into home decor, opt for a chic dried flower arrangement. You may also want to look at some food and drink-related gifts like a wine stopper or a box of cookies. Really, the possibilities are endless with Thanksgiving gifts. Go through these top picks for some gift inspiration for Thanksgiving.

Triple Checkered Bags

Reusable totes especially when they are this adorable are always a great gift option. Not only do they have so many uses, but these bags also help everyone to cut down on single-use bags.

Scented Candles 

Nothing like some good smelling candles as gifts. They are mood boosters and can bring back joyful memories or awakening a sense of calm in the mind.

Colored Hourglass Vase

Here is just a little something to put flowers in and that also happens to be absolutely beautiful. The sculptural lines of this vase are enhanced by the tactile ridges and graceful curves.

Bath Soap and Moisturizer Set

This set of Me-Time bath soap and moisturizer will melt away any post-dinner spread. It makes a good gift for the host of the party. The perfect combo for when in need of some serious R&R.

Bottle Stopper

Can’t finish with the bottle of wine? Well, fret not. This chic wine stopper is coming to the rescue.

Single Stem Glasses

These gorgeous hand-blown wine glasses are perfect to be given as a gift during any holiday. Pour a big glass of wine in one of these puppies, and you are ready for anything. Visit here to read more https://www.bnsds.com/

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