How to Tie in Your Trendy Hair Tinsel to Ensure It Stays Put

How to Tie in Your Trendy Hair Tinsel to Ensure It Stays Put

Trendy hair tinsel adds a sparkle to your hair. They express your personality and style in an innovative way. Let it be a special occasion or just an addition to your personal style, hair tinsel is a winner. However, it can be daunting to make hair strands stay put in your tinsels. Don’t worry! We are letting you on a little secret in which we will spill on how you can tie your hair tinsels securely and enjoy your glittering locks worry-free.

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Choose Your Tinsel and Tools

First thing you need to do is select your hair tinsel. Tinsels come in various sizes, colors and lengths. You can rummage through the choices to pick your personal style. The tools needed to set you tinsel is a tail comb, small hair elastics and a pair of scissors. Start with thinner strands for easy learning.

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Prepare your Hair

The second step is to prepare you hair. Start with clean and dry hair or apple a little texture prays for better grip. Detangle the thick hair and make small sections.

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Section your Hair

Sectioning your hair is vital for a tinsel to stay put. Section off the area properly starting with the underlayers near the front of your hair. This will make the tinsel go through when you move. Remember smaller the sections, securer the hold.

Tie the Tinsel

Fold the tinsel in half and create a loop at the folded end. Keep the loop near to your scalp under the hair section that is parted. Use your other hand, pull the tinsel ends through the loop using a small section of your hair. This is similar to the first step of knot.

Secure the Knot

Pull on the both ends of the tinsel to secure the grip. This way will ensure the loop and snug it well without tight. Secure it better by splitting your hair section in two by tying the tinsel around it. just like shoelaces. Make sure you cause no discomfort.

Repeat and Style

Continue adding strands to different sections of your hair to add the grace you need. Once the tinsels are fixed your hair are ready to be styled. The tinsels are heat resistant to some degree.

Maintenance tips

To have a proper tinsel look you need to do some maintenance check this include brushing your hair gently, avoiding heavy oils and using hair masks on the tinsel strands. A gentle shampoo and less rubbing the tinsel is helpful.

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Ta-da here were the simple steps to rock your tinsels. Head to the party and festival with stylish hair now! Happy hair-ing!

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