After years of exploration, I finally found the perfect sports bra! Money is here

There are many fashionable avant-garde choices when you buy a corset style bra today. As a fitness expert who often wears sportswear, I find myself asking, “what will it be like under my head?”

Usually, the answer is that my sports bra will stand out, or I don’t get the support I need during the exercise.

Like many of my customers, some bras are too stylish to feel functional, and others don’t shrink much more than any other dress. What does a girl do?

Fortunately, after years of trying, I finally found my favorite sport bra! I love the corset style bra, Zella Nord at the department store line, is a sports bra cupid.

In addition to its support, it has a very basic design, completely laid in all my different sports coats. The simple sling style is not cumbersome, so it doesn’t stand out even if it’s displayed.

The front is a spoon neck, so no matter how low or high the top of my movement is, the neckline does not affect the top of my style.

corset style bra

The middle support provided by this bra is only suitable for jumping and dancing classes, and it can also be worn all day! As an extra benefit, it won’t hit your chest.

Here, with some of my other favorite styles.

These things are carefully selected by our editorial team, because we like them, and we want you to do the same.

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