Top 3 Tips In Selecting Flattering Swimwear Colours

It may still be winter, but if you are dreaming about warmer weather and wondering what is the latest 2021 swimwear trend and how to select a swimwear color that is flattering, well don’t worry.  Finding the perfect swimwear is tough.   With so many styles and brands to choose from (let alone figuring out the right tone), shopping for your ideal bathing suit can feel daunting.   You can stay ahead of the trend by scrolling down and read the tips on how to identify your skin tone and find the best swimwear colors to suit you.

Tip 1 – How To Identify Your Skin Tone

The first step is to check what is your skin tone.

Summer Skin Tones:

  • Light complexion
  • Tend not to tan well
  • Look good in pastel shades

Winter Skin Tones:

  • Can be either light or dark skinned
  • May have an unusual or distinctive look
  • Look fabulous in black

Spring Skin Tones:

  • Complexion is an underlying yellow or gold skin tone
  • Have a tendency to blush and or have rosy cheeks
  • Fair skinned
  • Could also have dark skin that tans well

Autumn Skin Tones:

  • Do not have rosy cheek
  • Have a gold undertones in their skin
  • Have bronze appearance on the complexion
  • Do not look well in black

Dark Skin Tones:

  • Are of African, West Indian, Asian, Oriental, or Latin descent
  • May be able to wear darker shades of colors

Tip 2 – Swimsuit Colors That Suit Your Skin

Since you already have an idea what your skin tone is, it is time to find out what swimsuit colors suit you and will look the best.

Best swimsuit colors for fair skin

If you have fair skin and your natural hair color is blonde or light brown, you can play with contrasts to emphasize your skin complexion.  You can pick dark color swimwear like red, emerald green, brown or dark purple no matter if it is a bikini or a one-piece.  You may want to try coral or pink when you get yourself some sun tan.  The colors to avoid is nude colors and also white, yellow and orange which would make your skin look pale.  Flashy and fluorescent colors are a big no no too because they make your skin look a little pink or red.

Best swimwear colors for light and gold skin

If your skin is light, gold or olive and your natural hair is light brown or brunette then go for darker colors.  You will look great in cold and warm colors such as black or navy blue. Once you have a summer tan, you can actually wear almost everything that is lively and vibrant, and even white.  Before you get a tan, do avoid yellow shades.  

Best swimwear colors for dark skin

For matt or dark skin tone and your hair is brown, dark brown or black, you look good in all colors even before you get a tan.  Do choose colors that highlight your skin tone such as white or yellow.  Also good are swimsuits with contrasts and also bright colors.  Intense hues such as red, orange or blue will also match. 

Tip 3 – Use A Color Wheel

The colour wheel is great for helping you put colour combinations together that compliment your skin tone. Complimentary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.  For trendy style in swimwear, you can mix and match top and bottom as well as coordinating with jewelry.  

Choosing swimwear that compliment your skin tone can really make you feel great on your holiday!  So get ready and start shopping for the right swimsuit so that when the warm weather season arrives, you will be all set.

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Trendy Women Clothing – Feelingirldress

Would You like to make your closet look spot on without breaking a bank? Our trendy clothes cover a range of fashion dresses, shapewear, swimwear, plus size clothing, and activewear. These stylish and modern silhouettes are always in demand. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest design at affordable prices, you have to check on us more often.

Whenever you want to shake things up with something new and unique, we have various options to help you stand in the crowd. Here are some of the cheap trendy women’s clothing in our online store.

  • Plus Size Clothing

On every event and season, we have all the plus size clothes you need. We also agree that ethical fashion is a right for any woman at affordable prices. Our range of plus sizes is flirty, relaxed, and trendy. Get the look you want with our clothing, no matter the body type.

  • Swimwear

The swimwear comes in the hottest trend and colors. We have a suit for every swimmer, whether training or racing. We have also introduced a new arrival for the family like a mommy and daughter swimsuit. 

  • Women suit

Sharpen your workweek look with the women suit. There are various stylish suits, including pantsuits and skirt suits. You can as ell go head-to-toe with a full outfit or mix and match with separates for a perfect fit.

  • Dresses

Get the dress of your dream from our shop. We have cocktail dresses, party styles, special occasions, and a formal gown for every body type. Choose our wholesale maxi dresses to sort out every time.

  • High Waist Leggings

T cater for your activewear needs, reach out to high wait leggings. They have a super soft lining inside that makes it warm and friendly. The exterior has a stretchy that hugs around your waist that one can’t afford to ignore the flattering hips.

For the latest fashion, is where to get it. We got all the costumes you want. If you wish to dominate the dance floor or head to a party and gain attention, we got your back. From casual, of-duty, to maximum-mileage outfits, we have what it takes to revamp your style to new heights.

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5 Popular and Latest Fashion Trends on Boho Style Dress

Boho style dresses are one of the aesthetics design in the market. They never go out of fashion and always offer a classic look to the wearer. However, there are hundreds of designs in the market but the pattern with embroidery and floral print is the smartest choice that can be worn on any occasion without any hesitation. The biggest advantage of such dresses is that they offer extra comfortability to the wearer in comparison to others due to its design, style, and pattern. You can explore the wide range in these dresses online.

Boho style smock dress with floral print

This is one of the best dresses that you can wear all day long without any problem. This knee-length dress has a high neck design and has printed all over. The smock style adds to the looks of the dress. Elastic cuff band is another best addition in the dress that prevents rolling up and keeps it sturdy. You can wear it with high heels, sandals or and high ankle boots.

Printed midi boho style dresses  

If you are looking for a perfect dress to wear on any special occasion like an anniversary or birthday party then nothing is better than this midi dress. The V-neckline pattern is given to highlight your personality and the shirred waistband offers you a slim and sleek look. Sleeves of the dress are made with chiffon that keeps you cooler in summer.

Sparkle dot boho style mesh dress

This dot embellishments boho style mesh dress is one amazing piece that you should have in your wardrobe. Scoop neckline pattern adds a charm to your personality and its sleeveless pattern makes you more comfortable in summers. Polyester is the main fabric used in making the dress. The high low hem enhances the overall look.

Boho style neve embellishment gown

This wonderful maxi boho style dress is crafted with sparkling ditsy floral sequins and components that highlight the romantic side of the dress. Plunging neckline at the back as well as in front that makes it more attractive and allows you to show off your sexy neckline.

Colorful boho style dress with bandana print

This classic bandana print dress has long sleeves and buttons on the cuffs that make it more elegant and attractive.  It has a hidden zip at that back that allows you to wear and take it off easily. the colorful print at the sleeves will make you stand out of the crowd.

Emma Dress
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Top Bikini Fashion Trends This Summer

We are tired of wearing always the same bikinis. This year we want something that is in step with fashion and styles, but above all something new and that we never even thought of putting on! Let’s start looking for something that brings something unusual to the existing trends, that differs in something like materials of which the classic swimsuit is made maybe. The main thing is that the bikini must be fashionable! So here is a list of the trends to follow this summer and that brings something innovative with them!

Vinyl Bikini


Have you ever heard of it? I already imagine the super sexy catwalk as soon as we get out of the water, with the droplets sliding on our body, for a super-hot effect that not even Pamela Anderson in “Baywatch” could create.

Metallic Bikini


If you are wondering where all these bikinis can be found, know that the answer is almost always Ohpolly! That said, if the previous one was the ideal bikini for a “wow” effect as soon as we get out of the sea, metallic bikinis are the ones for providing the greatest tan effect. This color indeed gives our skin a boost when it comes to having an amazing tanned golden body!

Clear Straps Bikini


We got tired of all the white lines that remained at the end of summer for the difference created between tanned and non-tanned skin, simply because our bikini did nothing but cover everything. This year the era is over and the time has come for us to wear this type of bikini for a more complete tan than all the other years!

T-Shirt Bikini


This is a very covering bikini, but certainly very sexy to use on the beach and mainly in case our holidays will not be very long. An excellent compromise is to wear it during a beach party.

One Shoulder Bikini


I find it very unique but, like the previous one, it can be more difficult to get a tan when wearing it. However, it remains very distinctive and very beautiful to look at, so it is approved!

Thong Bikini


Some of us may be fans of the classical bikini and that is fine. But what do you think if we let our booty finally breathe and make it sunbathe more than ever this year? I would say yes, I mean, we deserve this after all the lockdown period spent in the chair.

Two Colours Bikini


They are very beautiful in that they never give that sense of monotony. I know there are many of us who never get away from our monochrome swimsuit. This year we will leave it at home and give space to colors!

Glitter Bikini


Last time we probably used glitter was to write a letter to our best friend. This year we could think of wearing this stunning type of bikini to make our tan even brighter, we won’t regret it!

Pearls Bikini


In the end, pearls come from the sea, so I don’t see anything wrong with wearing this exceptional bikini on the beach, thanks to which we will not go unnoticed for its beauty!

Now it’s up to you to decide your favorite bikini among these 9 beautiful and innovative trending ones! The beach is only waiting for you!

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Feelingirldress: The Clothing You Want Is All Here

Change is the only thing that is constant in the fashion industry. Since time memorial, there have been efforts to make people look good with the increase of innovation, trend, and fashion styles have raised at a very high rate. That is why at feelingirldress, we have not been left behind too. We have every type of clothing you want. Here is a list of a few fashion clothing that we offer.


Stand out in an array of affordable dresses for women. We have trendy and sophisticated designs of top-quality fabrics. We have an excellent range from flirty, formal, fun, to classic dresses. Regardless of the look, you love, we have the most fashionable dresses you can ever imagine. We offer a range of lengths from maxi to midi if you are looking for something long for a special occasion or a night out. Whichever length you want, we got you covered. Check out our hot cheap mini dress here.


For a feelingirldress swimwear outfit, you will be spoiled for choice from our one-piece and two-piece along with plus size swimwear. Prints, cool cutouts, and a variety of coverage. They come in the hottest trend, colors, vamping up the swimwear choices with graphics. If you have been looking for the perfect bathing suit, try us, and you will not be disappointed. We have styles for every body type to make you feel sexy, cool, and confident.


Undress to impress with our ultimate range of sexy wholesale lingerie and women’s underwear. From sexy lingerie to hot underwear styles to the lingerie top, you can rock within your bedroom and out. Treat yourself with our essentials with a fabulous assortment.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are bold and beautiful. They make a stunning statement and designed to pair perfectly with any of our fitted tops. The wide-leg pant collection has a flattering and tailored fit through the hip and thigh with different looks.

African Dashiki

Our great looking African dashiki is surely a head-turner due to the bright African prints and the cotton fabric. These outfits make the best wear for everyone during the summer. This type of attire is perfect for weddings, parties, special moments, birthdays, festivals, and celebrations.

What you choose to wear can be influenced by many factors such as profession, exercise, trend, formal, and travel. Other influences include Afrocentric Fashion and African American dress. Whatever you want to wear, we have it. Feel free to visit; we will help you choose a head-turning outfit.

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Feelingirldress: The Hottest Swimwear Store In 2020

It is that time of the year once again. Thanks to the feelingirldress waist trainer, your hottest swimwear store, which is just a click away. Whether you are heading for a weekend adventure or a long vacation to Miami, it is time to refresh your swimsuits. Liven up your selection with fresh styles, fabrications, and silhouettes from the new brands making waves this year. Below we have rounded up some of the coolest mommy and me swimsuit brands for the season.

Floral Swimwear

A floral print swimsuit should not miss in your wardrobe since it never goes out of style. It is best for your aquatic adventures. They come in different combinations of colors, prints, flower shapes, and size as well as sexy designs. In our selection, you will find bold and vibrant colors that stand out as well as pastel hues that are feminine yet understated. 

Halter Collar Backless swimwear

Every memorable trip should be accompanied by unique clothing. It can be a honeymoon, beach, or vacation. Choosing halter collar backless swimwear will enhance the enjoyable moments during the travel. The backless design brings out the simple, classy, and sexy appearance. The good thing about this swimwear is that you can customize your bust support by tightening the straps until you get your perfect fit. 

Single Shoulder swimwear

One-shoulder swimwear is asymmetrical, meaning there’s only one strap going over one shoulder instead of both. A stylish swimwear that allows you to go bold from a splashy day at the beach to whatever magic the evening brings. 

One Piece Beachwear

One-piece swimsuits are top-rated for so many reasons. One is that they are a continuous pattern, which creates an unbroken vertical line and can make a short woman look taller. Two, with a one-piece swimsuit, your legs are elongated since more attention is on the legs and less on your torso.

Swim Dress Swimwear

Bikinis put too much skin on display, if they are not your style, don’t stress it. We have a swim dress that is equally pretty and fun for those who are conscious about showing off some skin. They also come with feelingirldress waist trainer trimming option so you can confidently lounge inside and outside the pool.

When looking for a swimsuit, consider your body type and the location where you will be wearing it. The most relevant factor should be your comfort. The mommy and me swimwear should fit well and be physically comfortable. Select a swimwear style that you love and flaunt your assets.

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The Spring Secret Weapon: Sexy Bandage Dress

sexy bandage dress

Shop at HexinFashion for sexy bandage dresses this spring. Equip your wardrobe with high quality and amazing bandage dresses and get the right skirts and tops that will help you create a bandage two-piece outfit of your own. Bandage dresses can help crown any occasion whether formal or informal. It can be worn when you either decide to go clubbing or hit up a party. It is one of the best dresses that help accentuate your curves in a white, pink, red attire, and then compliment it with a sexy pair of heels and you are done. This dress can also be worn with a sexy crop top to expose the beautiful part of your body.

Exquisite Strappy Light Pink Cut Out Bandage Dress Backless Zip For Stunner

Spring is a season that comes with high temperature. This means that there are certain factors we need to consider when buying clothes in spring. Often, we tend to look at lines which are useful in revealing the length and width dimensions to create shape. Two most ladies look at workmanship. However, in spring, you need to style up more and look at the color and texture of the material used to make your bandage dress. For instance, in spring, it is advisable to go for light colored dresses and those made of light and soft fabric to reflect away heat.

At HexinFashion, we guarantee our customers quality, cost-friendly, timely delivery and best services. Have a look at some of the best sexy bandage dresses  from HexinFashion:

White Woman Fashion Summer Sexy Bandage Dress

White Woman Fashion Summer Sexy Bandage Dress For Female

This is a white bandage dress suitable for you in the warm spring season. It is affordable and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. However, we do not recommend solid colors as they are not favorable for hot weather conditions.

The dress has a soft texture, and made of an eco-friendly high-quality fabric making it stretch. This is one of the best bandage dresses to flatter and accentuate your curves in spring.

Pink Women Plus Size High Waist Lace Bandage Dress

Pink Women Plus Size High Waist Lace Bandage Dress deminine Fashion

What a great and affordable dress for you to crown your spring season! Actions speak louder than words. You need to try this out. A pink colored high waisted bandage dress made of rayon, nylon, and spandex fabrics and gives you maximum comfort during the spring season.

Yes, it is spring and the climatic conditions are warm. As much as some may use bandage dresses as their secret weapon, other may opt for cheap tankinis to help them crown this season. And indeed, tankinis work best for this season. Try visit swimming pools or the off shores of oceans and beaches. You will experience several ladies in tankinis enjoying the cool sea breeze.

Blue Floral Paint Tankini Adjustable Strap For Seaside Days

 Also, not all tankini are favorable for the spring season. Color is a major consider. And which are best tankinis for you in spring? Have a look at the Blue Floral Paint Tankini from HexinFashion. This is an adorable tankini designed specifically for seaside days. There is no need for you to worry of size as it is made in different sizes for customer satisfaction. It features adjustable ties, free wire for comfort, high waisted, with a variety of patterns.

Comfortable Floral Print Backless Criss Cross Tankini Feminine Fashion

You can also try this Floral Print Backless Criss Cross tankini. It is brightly colored making it suitable for the spring season. Like every other tankini, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. However, go for bright colored one suitable for spring season. Why Floral Print Backless tankini, it features detachable pads for comfort, a Criss cross back and lace up design, and print designs making it stylish.

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How to Select the Perfect Bikini As Per Your Body Shape?

Finding the best bikini according to the body shape is often quite difficult. This happens because it can be very hard for finding great shape and pattern. Getting the best bikinis according to body shape is also very difficult because there are lots of different types of human bodies.

While luxury brands are great options for fitting any shape, there are few kinds of swimsuits, which will look better on anyone having the perfect hourglass shape.


Understanding your body type

The first step would be to identify the kind of bikini that will suit your body. This step is necessary for identifying the particular human body type. The most excellent swimsuits for the body will differ and will depend upon the individual person.

The females are often confused with the question, what kind of swimwear will best suit my body? For figuring out the type of swimwear that will suit you the best, you will have to become real with your body and understand the type of body you have.



Dress as per your body shape

For those of you who are having a tiny body, you guys must be thinking about what kind of best bikini for women will suit your body. You can opt for the pattern and the sparkle look for sure.

Females having a rectangular-shaped figure can opt for the option of two or one-piece with fun, bold, and also the blingy element. This will distract the attention and from the body shape to the outfit.


Be the ultimate bikini babe

If you are having a pear-shaped figure, then be proud of it. Yes, pear-shaped figures are ideal to nail the bikini look. Many of the women having pear-shaped figures consider themselves least eligible for the bikini look.

Pear-shaped women can try the side-cut trends. The side cut trends are enough for emphasizing the body shape at the narrowest part of the body. If you are fine with a little bit of detailing then go for small handy accessories.


What ‘bout the plus-size darlings!

Being a plus-size woman means you can try out every kind of fashion trend. You should remember that you do not have to avoid anything if you’re having curves. You can add swimwear dresses or skirts with your monokini or best bikini for women.

This will assist in feeling more and more comfortable and will help in smoothing out the shape, and lastly will hide extra fat. You can also try out one or two-piece dresses, along with lines and stripes, or in vertical lines.

Plus Size Lace Up Striped Panel Bikini Set
Plus Size Lace Up Striped Panel Bikini Set


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6 Summer Bikinis Ideas Beach Outfits and Swimsuits for Women

Bikinis can make you look sexy and summer-ready. There are various bikini trends that you can go for. Animal prints are never out of trend and you get the safe zone when you go for the leopard print bikini set. These leopard print bikini sets are easily available online at reasonable prices. You can go for the high waist bottom as it will look amazing. Many girls go for the padded top in this bikini set to get the enhancing curves. You can also go for the halter neck tie-up back in this leopard print bikini set.

ZAFUL Leopard Tie Underwire Bikini Set - Leopard S
ZAFUL Leopard Tie Underwire Bikini Set – Leopard S


If you are going for the beach vacations you can go with the tropical prints in your bikini set. These tropical prints have leaves with the dark and light green shades all over. Try to go for the green bottom as it will look amazing as a bikini set. Usually, girls go for the bandeau top in these tropical prints but you can also go for the shoulder strips as per your preference.


The trend of one-shoulder dress is among the top list. You can include this trend in your swimsuit and go for the one-shoulder swimsuits. These swimsuits are ideal for the plus size women too as this swimsuit does not show much skin and gives you slim fitting. Choose solid colors in these swimsuits as they look more beautiful. You can also go for small print designs if you like floral prints.


Ruffles can enhance the look instantly. Ruffles can add up the extra details in your dresses and bikinis. You can go for the ruffled top and high waist bottom which acts as a tummy control to hide away all your extra tummy fat. This tummy control bikini set is very popular as it gives you a summer-ready body instantly hiding all your flaws.

Floral Ruffle Tummy Control Bikini Set - M
Floral Ruffle Tummy Control Bikini Set – M


There are many ways to enhance your bikini wardrobe and one of the best ways is to get the beautiful backless swimsuit. You can go for various cutouts in your swimsuits or you can also go for a complete backless swimsuit to enhance your beach look.

SALEPlunge Front Backless Tied Swimsuit
SALEPlunge Front Backless Tied Swimsuit


When you are out of ideas and inspiration you can just buy a hot red bikini set that will suit any complexion perfectly. These bikini sets can give you the standard look and you will get some awesome pictures. You can pair this with the simple neck chain.

Hot sexy Swimwear Bikini
Hot sexy Swimwear Bikini

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Get Yourself the Best and Most Affordable Bikinis at Wholesale Prices

There are several leading fashion brands offering swimsuits manufactured at low and affordable prices. You can expect the most excellent bikinis at wholesale prices, 2020. Select fashion brands that have worked with over 100 labels on a global scale. Bikinis are an essential part of female swimsuit fashion fad.

The best bikini should be made of comfortable fabric; used for covering the upper part as well as the lower part. Your bikini wholesale bottom should never go above the waist-line and should cover the needed regions.

The contemporary lifestyle, which encourages holidaying at any beach resort along with bikini wholesale promotion by the entertainment industries are big reasons for the increased popularity of bikinis in the last few decades. Get yourself the best and affordable bikini at wholesale prices.

The best bikinis at affordable prices

Bikinis are great for showing some skin at the nearby beach. Tank-tops are also great for showing your raw sexy side. Wholesale bikini tops extend down from breasts and cover the navel area. Bikini tops stop right close to the navel area and get as low as the bikini bottoms.

Let’s consider that you want to buy a bikini top and that led you here. You may have wanted to buy one but couldn’t because several of the bikinis come at maximum prices. But still, there are brands that offer bikinis at the lowest or at the cheapest price for the ladies.

Affordable wholesale bikinis at best prices

If affordability is what you are thinking of, then you have come to the right place. Wholesaling helps in getting some of the best products at really affordable prices. There are several shopping websites from where one can get diverse types of bikinis at the best wholesale prices.

Softly Love Full Bikini Bottoms
Softly Love Full Bikini Bottoms

The best affordable bikini stores can be found in the European countries, but if you live outside Europe, don’t worry! There are options for placing the order online, and the customers will get the affordable wholesale bikinis delivered at their door-step. One can buy the best bikini for women at wholesale prices.

Softly Love Fixed Triangle Bikini Top
Softly Love Fixed Triangle Bikini Top

The best bikini for you

Bikinis will never go out of fashion. In fact, the popularity of these fashion staples will increase day by day. The world will see the number of women in the coming years grabbing their pair of bikinis. The demand for wholesale bikinis has increased in the last couple of years.

The demand for these swimsuits has soared high, especially in nations bordered by oceans; or with sprawling beaches. It’s not always true that you need to invest a lot of sum for buying good bikinis.

Summing it up

Bikinis are great fashion accessories. These are great for wearing for a beach day with your friends. So, grab your wholesale affordable best bikini for women now!

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