Here’s How to Style Your Big Fluffy Coat All Winter Long

Here's How to Style Your Big Fluffy Coat All Winter Long

The winter season is all about being cute and cozy. While many women are enjoying the spiced pumpkin lattes, it’s needless to say that winter clothes are equally cute. For this reason, every woman has started adding oversized fluffy coats to their wardrobes. This coat is such a welcoming and refreshing change from boring puffer jackets because they didn’t look cute at all.

However, some women are still not purchasing these coats because they don’t know the right way to style. So, if you’ve been holding yourself back for the same reason, we are sharing some styling tips with you!

1. Welcome the Bootcut Jeans

If you haven’t been around in the fashion industry, you wouldn’t know how chinos have been completely deleted from the paradigm. That’s because the loose and bootcut jeans are in fashion, and they look amazing with these fluffy boots. What we love about this pairing is that you par it down with a turtleneck or jumper sweater because everyone deserves to stay warm.

2. Please Balance the Dimensions

It’s needless to say that these coats are extremely fluffy and soft, which means you have to add some hardness. For this reason, we recommend using pointy shoes and let your jeans cover a bit of shoes. This means that only the heel and tip of the shoes should show. In addition to this, you cannot forget about casual accessories, such as a slouchy hat and a beanie. That’s because these accessories help balance the look.

3. Try Dressing Down

If you don’t want to look over the top, the trick is to dress down. For instance, you can opt for a skirt or a dress with your coat because it creates a feminine look. You can opt for vintage jeans or a denim skirt, especially if you want the cool-girl aesthetic. On the other hand, if you want to be more sophisticated, we recommend wearing a midi dress with leather boots.

4. Please Carry a Bag

Many women think that since the coat is too big, they shouldn’t carry a bag. Well, that’s wrong because you’ve to carry a bag to appear ladylike and nothing is better than a simple quilted bag. In fact, if you have a bag with a versatile chain strap, it will look absolutely perfect. If not, just carry something that can be used as a clutch as well as a crossbody.

Woman happy in coat in winter outside

5. Mix Different Textures

The fluffy coats usually have a similar texture, which is enough to add texture and depth to your looks. However, it shouldn’t be stealing all the limelight, which is why we recommend mixing different textures. For instance, you can pair the fur coat with leather or denim – it creates a textured and casual look. As a result, you won’t feel like you are wearing a blanket.

The bottom line is that styling a big fluffy coat isn’t very difficult. All you’ve to do is experiment with different clothes. Also, if you are a fan of jewelry, you can opt for simple gold studs!

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Here Are Some Top Coats Brands You Can Consider As a Fashion girl

If you are wondering which coat to try next, you are in the right place! In this article, you will find out about some top coat brands you can consider while shopping next time as a fashionista that you are!

Coats make a huge difference in Winter outfits, because they are something that leaves the first impression since people cannot really see your whole outfit.

Therefore, it’s important to make good choices when shopping for coats since they are something you will be wearing through the whole season or at least till weather becomes warmer. If you live in places where Winter last even longer than expected, it is even more important to make great decisions in this field.

Furthermore, coats aren’t only important because of their fashion touch to your outfits. They are the most important part of the Winter outfit because they keep you warm and cozy. Since the cold season is on for a long time now, if you still didn’t get one, not it’s time to go shopping for coats.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with making the right choice. Therefore, the following coats might be a good mixture of both warm and fashionable and you can get them in very famous stores.,1&$filterxlrg$

This white coat is something that is going to be attention grabber in your outfits for daily and for special occasions. You can get it at Macys and its length and materials assure you will stay warm and cozy through this cold season.

This colour goes with everything you can possibly imagine and it will blend nicely in your fashionable outfits. It’s one of the best choices for both warm and fashionable coats.


Next, we have a coat from Nordstrom with this really cool and lovely black and white print. This print is interesting enough to make great first impression about your outfit but it is also adjustable enough because of the colour combination for any of your Winter outfits. It looks like a really high quality coat which would look great paired with any outfit this season. The safest choices of colours are always black and white and therefore, this coat would be a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe this Winter. It’s double-breasted and has men-like shape so it isn’t something you will see every other women wearing because it is just not basic coat which you can get everywhere. Use this opportunity to buy this one.

ASOS DESIGN hero diamond check oversized coat in green | ASOS

Asos is a web shop where you can find tons of great coats for this season and they are both affordable and fashionable. This one in green colour (because green is trendy this season) would be a great choice for your next purchase. It has checked print with green and nude colour combination which shouldn’t be hard to pair with outfits this season because green is currently really popular and most sweaters have some green details on them. You will surely be really pleased with how warm and cozy this coat is!

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