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Confession time: I don’t have one of my own ring bras until I’m 29. A size of 34a since adolescence, I always think that I can get a small chest lace for the rest of my life.

A blessing, I think, because every wired style I have tried to make me feel like rose in that scene from the Titanic, she said that her mother pulled her corset style bra string and trying to force her to marry Billy zane.
But bralettes may be very comfortable and adequate to support, and they often lack two key sectors: shaping and covering. Now, there is nothing wrong with the chest and chest (those not carved into two perfectly symmetrical domes), but sometimes a girl wants a small shape! Just as someone who is cold in the office, especially I often find my beloved bralettes left to me, we should say, active and more professional than I want to be.

corset style bra
Longing for an easy alternative to my wire free favorite, I went to Vitoria for the secret pink. (I think because I’m basically training bras at the age of more than 20, so I’d better start targeting them with a bra). I’m glad I did, because it hung there in peach emoticons, printed belts, and “people in America” jerseys, and I found my latest favorite corset style bra.
It’s pink. It’s genuine. It’s wearing T-shirts everywhere. It’s the best. Its color (black, yellow, almost no color) (palmprint)! Belts have been converted to cross, only $35 (and in the secret tradition of Vitoria, if you buy more than one at a time, it’s cheaper). It’s lined enough to help you, even the most vibrant air-conditioned offices can survive, but it doesn’t look like a padded bra.
But the real comfort is the selling point here: you really, really don’t know what wires are hidden in this bad boy.

It’s comfortable. I’ll wear it. On several occasions, I even fell asleep and wore it! As someone who refused to wear anything other than a invisible house clothes and sleeping seriously, even elastic high waisted shorts feel tight, what to say.

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