6 Summer Wedding Makeup Looks to Make You Glow

6 Summer Wedding Makeup Looks to Make You Glow

Summer weddings are wonderful, with warm sunlight, colorful blossoms, and a sense of love and pleasure that complement the season’s beauty and ensure you exude confidence on your wedding day, here are six breathtaking summer wedding makeup styles that make you glow.

Sunkissed Glam
The sun-kissed glam style captures the essence of summer, with bronzed skin, warm eyeshadow tones, and glossy lips.

Begin with a dewy foundation to give your complexion a natural, beautiful look. To create radiance and dimension, highlight the high features of your face with warm tones like gold, copper, and bronze. These hues highlight your innate attractiveness and reflect light nicely. To maintain the look fresh and natural, use a nude or peachy gloss. Lip gloss with a little glitter can increase the plumpness and overall glow of your lips.

Lovely young lady with flowers on head

Pastel Perfection
For a charming and whimsical summer wedding, pastel hues are ideal. This look features delicate, pastel eyeshadows and pink lips.

 A light, breathable foundation or BB cream and gentle pink blush are perfect for keeping your skin appearing healthy and natural.

Pastel colors like lavender, baby blue, and soft pink are ideal for the eyes. Blend these colors slowly to achieve a dreamy, ethereal look. Select a delicate pink or coral lipstick. A matte finish might appear classy, but a satin or gloss finish will keep it light and summery.

Morning preparation of young woman bride to be

Bold and beautiful

A dramatic wedding makeup style highlights natural features and adds glamor, making it ideal for the confident, trendy bride.

Begin with a perfect base, using a full-coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Cover any imperfections or dark circles beneath your eyes. Make a statement with a vibrant red lip color that suits your skin tone.

Young romantic lady with beautiful flower wreath

Classical Elegance
Brides who want ageless beauty would love a traditional exquisite style. A medium-coverage foundation with a natural finish is ideal. Use a peachy blush to give warmth and a little highlighter for a shine.
Neutral makeup colors like taupe, beige, and light brown are essential. A defined yet delicate eyeliner and thick mascara can brighten your eyes without being overly dramatic.
A basic red or neutral lipstick is excellent. A satin or matte finish can enhance the sophistication of your overall appearance.

Beachy vibes
A natural and easy makeup look is ideal for a beach wedding.
To protect your skin from the sun, apply a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation with SPF. A cream bronzer and highlighter may provide a natural shine and improve your tan.
Stick to neutral tones with a hint of sparkle. Use a tinted lip balm or transparent gloss in peach or pink to keep your lips nourished and looking natural.

portrait of a pretty young woman in flowers outdoor

Vintage Glam
A vintage-inspired makeup style combines old Hollywood grace, timeless beauty, and a modern touch.

A matte foundation provides a perfect base. Use a pink blush to get a vintage glow.
A wing eyeliner and a neutral eyeshadow palette are required. To brighten your eyes, add some sparkle to the inner corners.
Bold crimson lipstick is a symbol of retro elegance. Choose a long-lasting product to keep your lips looking great all day.

Vertical portrait of attractive blonde girl with long hair  posing to the camera on sunlight background on deserted beach.

Regardless of your style, confidence and comfort with your cosmetics are essential. From sun-kissed radiance to vintage brilliance, these summer wedding makeup ideas highlight your natural beauty and let you shine with excitement on your special day.

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The Smudged Eye Look: The New Cool?

The Smudged Eye Look: The New Cool?

The world of beauty has its news and old really fast. The trends in cosmetics tend to change every now and then. A winged eyeliner changes into a cat eye real soon in one Instagram feed refresh. The smudged eye look is one trend that has been holding waters in the beauty industry. This edgy, undone aesthetic has been embraced by beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists making it an obvious new cool in the realm of beauty standards.

Front view woman with graphic eye makeup

Conventional makeup trends have leaned towards precision and perfection. For instance, the era of winged eyeliner was about sharpness and perfection. The meticulously blend eyeshadows, and perfectly defined brows were the height of beauty standards. The smudged eye look is here to contradict the past fashion in a better and more powerful way.

What is smudged eye look?

Picture this: apply an intentional blur line as your eyeliner and not as sharp and neat as it used to be in the past. The soft smudged eyeliner, diffused eyeshadow, and rough mascara are the new trend in the eye makeup industry. It’s the makeup equivalent of tousled bedhead hair—a little disheveled, a little imperfect, but undeniably chic.

Woman staring at camera with bright face and blue eyes

The versatility is one reason that has hyped up the smudged eye look. It is a trend that can be adapted to suit various styles and occasions. It fits well all from grungy and dramatic to soft and romantic. The subtle smudge of kohl eyeliner along the lash line lives up in both a daytime and night time event. You can add elaboration to the night time one with a smoky eyeshadow across the lid and mascara on the lashes for the lived-in effect.

Close up woman wearing make up

The accessibility is the key reason why the smudged eye look is gaining popularity. The low-key look asks for less practice and no hours of practice. It rather encourages experimentation and embraces imperfection, welcoming everybody to try it. The look welcomes everyone to stroke a eyeliner without doubting their perfection or “steady hand”. It can be simply made by a smudger brush, an eyeliner and an eyeshadow.

The smudged eye look is easy-going that syncs with many young people. It gives a sense of personalization and an easy-going look which everyone can pull. In a world where filters and Facetune reign supreme, there’s something refreshing about embracing imperfections and celebrating the beauty of impermanence.

Beautiful caucasian woman with red eyeliner

Like any other trend, smudged eye looks also got its fair share of criticism. Some called it “messy” while other called it an understatement of skill and precision of makeup and negates the unrealistic beauty standards.

Everything aside, it is important to recognize beauty as subjective and no one recipe cooks it all. One person can rock one look, while the other can fail, which is completely normal. At its core, the smudged eye look is all about embracing and expression your creativity. You need to take makeup as a tool to enhance your beauty for your own uniqueness.

So, the smudged eye look is the new cool? I guess so.

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Espresso Makeup: A Trend or a Timeless Staple?

Espresso Makeup: A Trend or a Timeless Staple?

Trends come and go like the changing weather or sooner. Some trends are innovative and leave a mark on the fashion industry. Such a trend is the espresso makeup. Espresso, yes you heard it right. The trend is making waves in the beauty industry and is inspiring many makeups enthusiast. The trend is derived from rich and velvety tones of espresso coffee.

Bride getting makeup ready for wedding front view

The versatility and timeless appeal of the Espresso makeup is killer in the industry. But the question is: Is espresso makeup here to stay?

The Rise of Espresso Makeup

The espresso makeup has its root from deep, warm hues of espresso coffee beans. The shades of rich brown, earthy taupe and velvety mocha. The trends go from eyeshadows to lipsticks and even nail polishes. The smokey look are achieved by this trend pretty well.

Smiley woman using gua sha tool and mirror

Versatility and Universality

The wide range of looks you can create with espresso makeup is interesting. The deep, neutral tones complement a different people with different ethnicity, color and race. They can go from various makeup looks, from natural to dramatic. It caters from subtle daytime looks to smoldering evening glam, espresso hues add depth to every makeup style.

Timeless Elegance

The espresso makeup imparts the looks that are ever-green. The looks created by espresso makeup are elegant and last years in fashion. They are the ones that never go out of style. They can be used in every season and are a staple in the collection.

Front view woman holding coffee cup

Let it be a makeup minimalist or a beauty enthusiast, espresso tones come in endless possibilities. They are the fine finish looks you want.

Effortless Sophistication

The espresso makeup gives you sophisticated looks. They are crafted with finesse and are glamourous. The best part is these looks are versatile and can be worn everywhere. A mocha lip is a level up for every look you grace. They add a touch of luxe to your look like no other.

Adaptability in Trends

Trends come and go because of their stagnant nature but espresso has this ability to blend in different trends. They emerge by remarkable adaptability in evolving beauty trends. Popular techniques such as smoky eyes, nude lips and monochromatic makeup are all donned by espresso makeup techniques.

Woman with pearls make up


What do you think? Espresso makeup is a yay and is this here to stay? The answer is an absolute yes. The versatility, grace and ever green nature makes it an all-rounder in the beauty field. The art in the look makes it a hard pass in the beauty industry. Go chic and creative in an innovative espresso makeup look this season.

Whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned beauty aficionado, espresso makeup is sure to remain a staple in your beauty arsenal for years to come. So go ahead, indulge in the rich hues of espresso, and let your makeup speak volumes about your timeless style.

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Hot Makeup Trends for 2024 Actually Worth Trying

Hot Makeup Trends for 2024 Actually Worth Trying

Makeup is the art you need to beautify your personality. It is like magnifying one’s beauty and bringing the most out of it. You need to have the makeup for betger looks. Makeup trends change and get better with time. Every year a new style comes according to the on-going fashion and needs. Who doesn’t love to stay up to dated? Everyone does and so do makeup lovers.

Makeup trend come out newer and better. Thinking about what are the new trends this 2024? Here is the list of the trending designs you can rock in the upcoming year.

Retro Lips

Red lipsticks were a trend back in 2010 only to come back this year 2024. The retro lips spell magic and love like no other. They are the life of models’ looks and bold makeups. Famous retro lips and IT girl look are red lips centered.

You can wear red lips to a solid outfit and look 10/10. The retro lips are the 90’s aesthetics we have previously seen on Madonna. The Madonna style red lips can stand any fashion storm.

Over Blushed

The blushes are coming back and in a better way. The flushing cheeks and getting over board with blush are a trend coming to stay. This is an Ai inspired trend. The images generated by Ai look like that and have brought this trend.

Get the snow-white cheeks in 2024 by bagging the best blushes. Famous blushes are from Nars, Mac, Inglot etc. It’s a pinky styled makeup in the upcoming year.

Silver Shimmery

2024 is the year of bling. You can rock a shiny and sparkly makeup this year. Shiny eye lids and cheekbones are coming back stronger. These give a glowy look to your style. Glam up your look by silvery makeup. Beyonce is the trend setter for this look and rocks the look so well.

carousel image 0

Silvery eye shadows and highlights from brands like Inglot and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Glitters go well with every occasion. Be it a wedding for a party, you can rock a silvery eye makeup look.

Pop of Color

We have been using the typical blues and blacks since long. Now is the time to add a pop of color to your eyes. Go purples and pinks of popping color to your eyes to speak volumes you want. The dark eye liner was first done by Padma Lakshmi and she rocked it.

You can play with popping neon colors against dark eyelids. Use different eye liners are going to trend in 2024. Not only eyeliners in popping color but on cheeks and lips are also going to trend. You could go strawberry lips or rosy cheeks to make it a glam look.

Here was the top trending makeup for 2024. Before you hop on the bandwagon, remember nothing is better than confidence. Wear your desired makeup look with confidence to have the best looks. Happy trends!

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How to Buy Makeup on Budget

How to Buy Makeup on Budget

Makeup and women go hand in hand but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s a love-hate relationship. While there are women who don’t mind going for groceries bare-faced, there are women who love makeup and use it everyday. For all such women, the makeup budget is usually high, which can be hard to manage with all the rent and utilities. However, it doesn’t have to be this way because you can save money if you shop strategically. So, with this article, we are sharing how you can buy your favorite makeup without going bankrupt.

● Go for Dupe Makeup

There are women who only purchase makeup from Sephora and high-end brands. However, you don’t always have to opt for high-end makeup as the top-notch dupes work pretty well. In addition to dupe makeup, you can choose drugstore brands because they offer the same quality and result without breaking your bank. Still, before you add dupe makeup to the cart, you’ve to check the results. For instance, if you’re a fan of eyeshadows, don’t forget to check their pigmentation.

● Only Buy Cosmetics That You Use

It’s common for women to collect a lot of makeup that they don’t even use. You open their vanity and it’s loaded with hundreds of lipglosses and never-ending eyeshadow palettes. This is something that can make you go over the budget. So, if you’re trying to save money and stay within the budget, we recommend buying cosmetics that you’ll actually use. The basic rule is to analyze your daily makeup routine and buy the products that you use on a daily basis. Usually, it’s concealer, blush, mascara, and a good lipstick. Having said that, if you buy these items, your budget won’t be disturbed.

● Take Advantage of Sales

Sales are the best way of getting your favorite makeup items without causing a dent in your bank account. For this reason, if you’re running low on some makeup items, try getting them on sale. For instance, there are a lot of sales during the fall season as the financial year is closing. Ranging from Cyber Monday to Black Friday, there are a lot of sales to take advantage of. In addition to waiting for sales, we recommend visiting the resale sites. Lastly, don’t forget to use the makeup items strategically, so they last till the next sale.

Young woman putting on makeup

● Look for Discount Codes

You must have seen a lot of beauty influencers collaborating with makeup brands. These collaborations are done for marketing purposes. To use this for your advantage, we recommend that you use the discount codes that brands give to these influencers. These discount codes can get you 10 to 25% discounts, which is a lot of money when it comes to saving. So, it’s time to follow some beauty influencers and use their discount codes.

Female applying blush

The bottom line is that makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life. So, follow the tricks mentioned in this article and create perfect makeup looks without damaging your savings.

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4 Makeup Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2024

4 Makeup Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2024

Every year rolls out a pandora of trends to follow in the fashion and beauty niche. So does the makeup industry. It’s not just the classic mascara and gloss that we call makeup now. While the former are a high contributor to the industry but can not be solely contribute to the makeup art. There is a lot more. A lot more to catch up this 2024 in the makeup industry.

As the trends evolve, makeup trends also do the same and get better with time. Newer makeup trends come around and better techniques are explored bringing out trends. Staying up to date with the makeup trends is necessary to live in the fashion loop.

Batten down your hatches for a thrilling ride to evolve your art in terms of makeup and style with these fun trends to follow. Level up your game and follow us this way down.

Natural Matte Skin

We have got no makeup looks with a pop of natural glow from the glam industry to bridal aisles. It looks beautiful but the trend is taking another turn to bare skin looking makeup but in matte fashion.

It’s going to be a glow but in a paradox. Ditch the dew this time and go for a matte finish in the upcoming year. Matte looks means you need to go for matte finish formula foundations and good makeup sprays to get a finished look.

Shiny lips

Glistening lips add a prominent effect to your makeup look. Look glamorous with your makeup by having shiny lips. This creates a focus on your lips and adds a pop to the look.

This will increase the popularity of lip oils and glosses like the early 2000’s.

Stock up your favorite shinny glosses and pair them with lip liners to bring the trendy style out. It also adds more definition and shape to your lips. Shiny lips means glamour and its redefined.

Apple Cheeks

Blush cheeks are re-surfacing the makeup industry. The apple cheeks tints look cute and are coming back to the vogue world. They explore the high points of your face and give a lifted look. The apple cheeks give everyone a youthful look by sculpting the cheekbones.

Apple cheeks with blended corners and cloudy finish is the new twitch to the trend. Famous brands like Nyx, Nars and Dior have great blushes.

Coquette Looks

Coquette look is the definition of femineity and aesthetic. Giving us the emo vibe from the old days is the new fashion today. The coquette is a powder looking flushy makeup look with a pastel eye lid.

Defined mascara finishes the coquette look. It’s a look everyone can re-create and in style. Plum your lips and complete the coquette look.

Here is what makeup trends are going to look in 2024. Follow these trends to stay in style and follow makeup footsteps.

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