5 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep

We have all been there done that.  Waking up in the morning, washing our face and getting ready to work.  Once we examine our face in the mirror, we realize that we have the pillow face which is a face with creases and folds.  This happens because of the position which we slept in the night before.  These creases would take a few minutes to up a few hours to fade.  Such creases can lead to the creation of deep sleep lines on the forehead and cheeks and become real wrinkles later on.

We expose our face to sunlight and UV rays for many hours a day and squishing our face into the pillow at night is liken to ironing wrinkles into the skin.  Don’t worry because there are ways to prevent or reduce these sleeping lines and treating the existing ones.  Read ahead to learn how to get rid of sleep wrinkles.

1. Upgrade Your Pillowcase

Most of us often have pillowcases made with fabrics that grip the skin instead of allowing it to slide across.  Material such as flannel and jersey sheets tend to hold on to our skin more compared to other fabrics.   When our skin does not grip onto the pillowcase, they would less likely to develop any lines from the sleeping position.  Therefore, you may want to opt for softer fabric pillowcases such as those made from silk.

2. Sleep On Your Back

When we sleep face down, we are pushing our skin into the pillowcases or sheets.  This will cause the skin to fold and crease.  Eventually, they will stay permanent with time.  It is not easy to change our sleeping position but sleeping on your back  allows for a fresh face in the morning.  You can try to sleep surrounded by pillows to prop you up.  With practice, you can get used to it over time.

3. Do Not Sleep On Your Hands

Another common mistake that most people do is sleeping with their hands pressed agains the face.  Just like the thicker cotton sheets, our skin grips on rough surfaces and wrinkles with lateral pressure.  It is best that our face avoid any contact with other surfaces during sleep. It is best to keep our hands under the pillow rather than directly on the skin to reduce friction.

4.  Elevate The Head

Try to sleep with your head elevated on a pillow and avoid sleeping with your hands under our face.   If you tend to sleep on the side, make sure you sleep with an extra firm pillow and strategically position the head so that the lower half of the face is off the pillow.  That way the face does not flatten out like a pancake.

5.  Wear A Sleep Mask

If you cannot find a silk pillowcase, try a using a silk sleep mask instead. A sleep mask does a good job keeping skin in place while you sleep.  Find a sleep mask that is gentle, does not tug on the delicate eye area, and feels plush on the skin.

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