5 Tips to Find Cheap Shapewear at Lover-Beauty

If you have not tried shapewear before, well be prepared to let this magical undergarment change your world.  When you put on a shapewear it is like someone took an iron and smooth out every lump or bumps you have.  It works so well that most celebrities swear by it on the red carpet.  It is sometimes good to know that you can wear something underneath your clothes that can tuck away all potential wardrobe woes.  

There is just one problem with these wonderful garments.  Shapewear is so popular now that it comes in an endless array of styles, shapes and fabrics. How do you decide which will work best for your body and your wardrobe? Some people may spend a fortune buying shapewear that does not actually do anything or it rips after one or two wears.  Well no worries because Lover-Beauty offers affordable shapewear that actually works and they do not cost you an arm and a leg.  Here is a guide to choosing the best affordable shapewear for you.

Stick To Your Size

When shopping for shapewear, many women sometimes choose to buy a size down for extra firmness. This is will only causes bulges and discomfort as well as making you look bigger. So always remember to buy the size that you have always been wearing. 

Different types of compression

It is important to take note that the higher the nylon content, the more the shapewear will alter your shape.  Lightweight shapewear that offers light and medium control is designed to smooth out targeted spots on the figure.  These are good for everyday wear. Heavier pieces usually have compression zones that will suck and tuck your body into shape like a full body shaper. The full bodysuit is popular amongst women because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape.  It also saves you the trouble of finding separate top and bottom pieces that work. As it features an all-over coverage, this is an ideal garment for women who want to minimize a larger chest.

Essential Nude Hooks Crotchless Unpadded Big Size Bodysuit Lace Slim Shape
Essential Nude Hooks Crotchless Unpadded Big Size Bodysuit Lace Slim Shape

Choose the right style

Choose the right piece for the area that you are trying to correct.  If you want to compress your thighs, then you do not need to get a high-waisted garment. On the other hand, if you are wearing let’s say a jersey wrap-style dress, go with a high-waisted slimmer shaper underneath. It is best to avoid a full-slip style, as this style is usually cut too high. Wrap dresses usually have a deep V at the cleavage and this plunge neck body shaper will be ideal to wear underneath your dress. It can support around your mid-section, hide love handles and compresses thighs.  Its plunge front and low-back design make the bodysuit coordinate well with wedding dresses, evening dresses and other low-cut, backless outfits. 

Skin Color Low Back Open Crotch Lace Body Shaper Superfit Everyday
Skin Color Low Back Open Crotch Lace Body Shaper Superfit Everyday

When in doubt, go nude!

Do you know that wearing white underwear with a white outfit is a big no no? If you have a lot of white outfits in your wardrobe, the best is to buy nude shapewear as it will not show. You can literally wear nude shapewear with every outfit.

Pick a versatile item first

If this is the first time you are buying shapewear, try out a staple piece like this high-waist panty shaper. This is very versatile and can be worn under skirts, trousers and dresses. This butt lifter shapewear can be worn every day to keep your figure looking sleek and smooth. It is great for wearing work attire or a day dress. For more fashion info, you can also check https://www.bnsds.com/

Black Seamless Plus Size Butt Lifter High Waist Figure Shaping
Black Seamless Plus Size Butt Lifter High Waist Figure Shaping

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Shop Plus Size Clothing at HexinFashion

plus size clothing

Wholesale shopping is the current hot shopping trend. Every shopper wants to get the best deals and the best price. What better way than to buy fashion clothing directly from a wholesale website at a great price. The advantage of shopping from a wholesale website is that we can reduce the middlemen who add their cut to the price we pay. That is the reason we can purchase our favorite item at a very low price. There are many wholesale websites that sell products to distributors as well as directly to customers.  

Eye-Appealing Jujube Red Bodycon Dress Big Size Full Sleeves

These are some of the dresses we are loving for the season. You can browse the website and find some more amazing and pretty dresses.

Elegance Yellow Plus Size Dress Ruffled Waist Tie For Womens

HexinFashion is one of the online websites that provides the best quality fashion wear at the lowest price. They carry different types of clothing items for women like tops, pants, dresses, lingerie, and shapewear. You can easily purchase everything at the cheapest price. You will also find wholesale plus size clothing for women too. Sometimes finding proper fashionable clothing for plus size is difficult especially a great quality as well as stylish and fashionable swimwear. But at HexinFashion you will find everything you need. Even a cool swimsuit and the sexiest lingerie.

Exquisitely Flower Printing Bikini V-Neckline Large Size Comfort Fit

Red Large Size Lace Patchwork Plunge Collar Sling Teddy – Deep V neck that shows your cleavage is a very flattering style of lingerie for a plus-size woman. The Y back design is great for open back dresses. The hooks at the crotch make it easy to wear. The mix of lace and mesh fabric makes it very sexy and beautiful, and suitable for all body types. Red is the color of love and life.

Red Large Size Lace Patchwork Plunge Collar Sling Teddy

If you are looking to shop some amazing quality clothing that is trendy and cool, we highly recommend you check the HexinFashion plus size clothing section. You will find a great variety of tops, dresses, evening dresses, etc that you will love. Besides, the lowest price will get you more in less amount of money. Here are some of the fun and stylish fashion wear to give you inspiration for what is available.

Black Color Queen Size Babydoll  Bring out the inner Goddess with this black babydoll lingerie. The delicate lace makes the garment look sexy and feminine. The lace choker style and the lace hem adds beauty and elegance to the whole outfit. The sheerness conceals as well as reveals only that is needed.

Exquisite Black U-Neck High Stretch Big Size Dress Fashion For Female

The best part is getting some fancy, sexy, cheap plus size lingerie for you. Wearing some nice innerwear and lingerie is no longer limited to only the slimmer girls. A plus-size lady with all her curves can also flaunt beautiful lingerie that will make you look beautiful and feel sexy and confident. We hope this post has helped you decide your next purchase.

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Tips for Halloween Costumes Choose

Halloween parties are great fun but deciding for the perfect Halloween costume is little confusing. Some want to dress hot and sexy and some want horrifying look. There are varieties of characters from which you can take inspiration for your upcoming Halloween celebration. Some trending Halloween costumes to go for:

Chucky doll

Chucky is still the most trending Halloween character from the 80’s horror film. You can go with the vibrant colors to look like a playful horror doll. Choose blue skirt dungarees with t he colorful strips on the top and pair them with the red stockings and red sneakers. Chucky makeup contains various blood marks on the face with the large eyes. Complete the entire look by two ponytails and few marks on your hands too.


If you want to dress sexy and cute this halloween, you can go with the uicorn dress code. Unicorns are  the most loved virtual character which is cheerful and fun loving. You camn choose any pastel color shades on the white dress to get the inicorn vibe. Choose lavinder and blush pink as they are the most trending shades in  these costumes. Choose a beautiful headband with  the horn on it and complete the look with the feathery stockings and high heels.

Women ninja

Ninja are the secret characters and is a great idea to include this in coming October Halloween party. You can choose black bodycon mini dress and wrap around red thin ribbons to give it more details. Choose a black mouth covering mask to complete the look. Wear knee high black boots to enhance the look.

Red hot cupid

What is sexier than a red hot lady cupid in the Halloween party? If you want to turn all the tables towards you, you can go for t his hot costume. Choose the red bandage or tube top and pair it with the red hot skirt or a v style shorts. Wear detailed mesh stockings and attach a pair of small red feather wings on the back. You can go for the heart headband to add more fun.


Lady pennywise

Pennywise was the most horrifying clown which you can include in your Halloween costume idea. Choose the white high neck flare dress with the corset attached to it. Pair the white dress with the white stockings and red heels. Makeup is very important in this costume. The balloon as a prop can make your entire look more relatable to the character.

 And Some trending Halloween costumes from lover-beauty.com helps you find out:

Sorceress Sparkly Sequin Emerald Witch Costume




Sorceress Sparkly Sequin Emerald Witch Costume

Shimmer Red Maid Halloween Costume Without Socks Shoes

Shimmer Red Maid Halloween Costume Without Socks Shoes

Black Plus Size Tie Waist Witch Costume Short Sleeve On-Trend Fashion

Black Plus Size Tie Wiast Witch Costume Short Sleeve On-Trend Fashion

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charming in temperament

At the ceremony of opening, everyone was shocked by the dress of the first lady, she was so dignified and elegant, It is so charming in temperament for her to show out in the media which shoot by all the photos or video , Every piece of his clothes will not repeat for the same style, and every piece of clothing is in a high texture absolutely, which is inseparable from his exquisite match. Sometimes she will wear a blue wool coat, hanging on a beautiful jewelry or brooch on the coat,  it usually small but delicate, such as the shape of roses,  shape of fish bone, or the stars, All the jewelry can be selected,  with the mixture of hairstyle, she will choose a suitable hairstyle to match her dress, so look at the spirit will be a little bit higher, usually with a fine small drill, which is play the role of the finishing touch. In an interview aboard, no doubtful. The clothing off first lady has become the focus of foreign media, they describe her dress as follows, which is beautiful and generous, elegant and calm, simple with a little dignified and the high atmosphere. On that day she wore a red coat, which is in a medium length, just above the knees, and most of the usual dress is as the formal, but the only difference is the hairstyle with the match, this time, the hairstyle is diffirent form ordinary, the hairstyle is in the loose scattered, and as the wave volume,which is very charming in temperament.

In the match of dress, the first lady is worth learning for us, especially when you participate in an important ceremony or the opening ceremony, you will gain a lot of  respect from the people around, it will make you look more Charming, of course, this is just a suggestion, you can choose with other clothes as you like, shawl also is a  good choice, both it can resist the cold, but also look more noble for you, in the choice of shoes, you can wear a pair of fine Shoes, as well as in the heel of the height you can choose one that suit you, depending on your own circumstances, if you are in high height, then you can choose a pair of low heels, if you feel that are a little short, then You want to improve your temperament, you can choose a pair of  high heel relatively, when you walk for a long time you will be a little tired, you can sit down and have a rest, do not forget to pinch your legs, so that  you will not feel tired.

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