How to Incorporate Sustainable Fashion Into Your Life?

Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry contributes to between 8 to 10% of global emissions. Clothes production uses a lot of natural resources and this creates the greenhouse emissions that are responsible for climate change. This is more than a combination of the shipping and aviation industry.

Reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint is a key to limiting global warming and the way to do it is through sustainable fashion. We can help to reduce fashion’s environmental impact through the choices we make in our daily lives. How we shop, use the resources, and be conscious consumers can help. If you want to incorporate sustainable fashion into your life, you can try these steps:-

Buying less

One of the simplest solutions is to buy less. According to research carried out by Leeds University, just purchasing a maximum of eight new items a year can help to reduce fashion emissions by 37%. Even the greenest garment uses resources for production and requires transportation thus creating some environmental impact.  Many of us tend to buy new things to make us happy but perhaps it is to reconsider our lifestyle.

Repurpose Your Wardrobe

If you have quite a number of tops, bottoms, jackets and scarves, there are many ways in which you can style them differently to give yourself more wear. So, before you want to buy a new piece of clothing, you may want to think if you really need to buy it. By repurposing what you already own, then you do not have to spend more money buying something new and can start practicing sustainable fashion. 

Buy From Sustainable Brands 

More fashion brands are taking into account the environmental and social impact of their production. The fashion industry is moving towards creating an eco-friendlier market by implementing more efficient manufacturing processes and using recycled fabrics. Many brands have come up with more sustainable product options and reduced their waste. Look for brands that take steps to be more sustainable or eco-friendly.

Buy Better Quality Clothes 

As clothing have become very cheap, many people do not care much about quality. If we stop buying poor quality clothes, this will push brands to improve the quality of their garments and allow us to keep our clothes longer. Not only is this good for our bank account, it is good for the environment too. Buying better quality and sustainable pieces may cost you more than buying a cheap product but you are likely to have it for longer .

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Do Not Throw Your Clothes. Instead, Recycle Them. 

Do not bin your clothes as most of them may consist of non-biodegradable fiber or synthetic and they may pile up in the landfill.  There are other options that you can do like donating your clothes repairing them or redesigning them to wear again, selling the clothes on second-hand apps or put them on the recycle bin for recycling.

Look After Your Clothes

When you buy higher quality clothes, they are likely to last longer and you are more likely to treat them more carefully as they are expensive. Look after your clothes properly so that you do not have to replace them often. Go the extra mile so that your clothes will stay at their best for longer periods.

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