Pensioners put their underwear on their heads and have sex on the roof

Barry Mason was discovered by a shocked neighbor who called the police when she was watching the police in horror at Hull in East Yorkshire.

The woman who was cleaning the children’s bedroom at the time said that the children might be exposed to Mason during the school holidays.

Mason, 68, was sentenced to four months in prison for pleading guilty to violating public morality and violating probation.

The video of his neighbor, which was filmed at 12:30 pm on July 25, was broadcast in court and became a key part of the evidence against him.

Prosecutor Philip Evans described what happened in the 20-30 minute video, some of which was played at the Crown Court in Hull.
He said: “She initially thought she was observing a woman because the person she could see had a long blond hair and was wearing underwear.

However, after a few minutes, the defendant removed something that was actually a wig and could see his male genitals.

“She saw that he took off all the clothes he wore and put a string of G that was worn on his head on his head.”

Earlier, the defendant interrupted Mr. Evans’s case and said in an angry voice: “I am not a pervert, I am a naïve.”

The prosecutor said that Mason told the police that he “dressed like Brenana” and the defendant called it “my other way of life.”

Mr. Evans added: “He explained that he is a bisexual, he will wear women’s clothing at home.”

John Sackley reduced his sentence and said: ‘He is a genius. On that day, he was a negligent naturalist, and this is the criminal act here.

Jailing Mason, Judge Mark Bury told him: “What happened was that it happened on your own flat roof.
“It’s obvious to you that people can see it. In fact, one person sees it this way.”
In June last year, Mason sprayed a bleaching agent on a bus driver and was sentenced to probation. He violated the regulations on the latest charges.

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