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I have seen a movie, the story is said that there is a very charming girl in a prom, she is wearing a skirt which is in blue, just like a blue sky as clear, the style is very simple, and not with any pendant and jewelry, But it is such a very simple style of the dress in the prom, which is in the success of becoming the focus of the whole dance for her. However, the girls who dress up very fashionable and dressed in a variety of pendants, while did not get any attention from the people, because their dress was so exaggerated, It is too shining, and without any Connotation in them.

So this movie tells us that in the choice of clothes, It is not said that wear the more exaggerated, the better you are, you have to have a convergence in the appropriate time, the less you wear, the more decent you are, of course, not all the situation is in the this principle, my meaning is that most of the situation is like this. So today the theme we will discuss is that how to look more decent skillfully so that we can show our temperament.

The first step is to pick a dress for our own color, if your skin color looks a bit black, then you have to pay attention, do not choose bright colors of the clothes, and not to try even small jewelry, because it will make Your skin looks more black, It will enlarge your shortcomings, you can choose color which is not deep of the clothes, such as light green or color of rose, these are good choices, if your color of skin looks very clean and white, then you do not have to worry about what color to choose for the clothes, because the white will account for a lot of advantages for you, with a variety of colors you can choose, you can choose pure blue, green, Or the white which is a symbol of cold and pure, no matter what color you choose for clothes, which will make you approved in temperament, then you can enjoy the prom at the choice of your partner, have an elegant prom, then enjoy the perfect dance finally.

For girls, the dress prepared for girls is essential, it is not the same as the casual clothes we wear in the daily life, so when you choose carefully, you can consider wearing a pair of elegant high heels, which can Improve your temperament instantly, which is a woman’s essential weapons, the material of high heels can be glass, cortical, as long as you look tall and charming, you can choose that, so do not hesitate and prepare a pair quickly!

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