Social pressure makes it difficult for women to wear bras

In this ever-changing political world and seemingly constant violence, the last thing in the minds of women should be fear of not wearing a bra.

Many women decide not to wear a corset style bra  every day for various reasons.

“I feel that since the fading has occurred, I often wear a bra, but there is definitely time I will not wear a bra, depending on the shirt,” said UNC Asheville’s sophomore art student Emma Friedman.

Whenever I choose not to wear a bra, the main reason behind it is comfort. Normally, I don’t have to deal with straps that are tied to my shoulders, or let the shoulder strap fall off, instead of letting them out of social pressure. I must re-adjust the bra in one day enough to make me want to give up every bra I have, and encourage other women to do the same when they have a similar experience.

Since bras are not suitable for each woman’s unique body, unsuitability usually comes from a standard bra size not suitable.

According to Racked, the size of the garment is inaccurate for all garments, but it is especially true in bras. The bra size was calculated using the measurement of the rib cage and the distance the breast extends beyond this size.

According to Racked, manufacturers began selling standard-size bras such as 34A, 36B, etc. at the turn of the 20th century. As a method of determining the size of the bra and trying to find the average breast size, a study was performed on the measurement results of 10,000 middle- and low-level white American women. This of course does not depict the exact picture of how women are growing in the United States.

Although this study has been going on for a long time, we now know more about a wide variety of bodies than ever before, but there is no impact on the size system. Women are everywhere because they have no other choice, so they may not be suitable for them.

Not only bras are not suitable for average bust, but they are the bust of the bank. People will think that because the bra is made of less material than jeans or tops, it is cheaper to produce and buy. This is incorrect in most cases. Bra prices range from $10 in stores such as Target and Wal-Mart to over $200 in luxury stores such as La Perla.

According to Teen Vogue’s report, the reason why bra prices may increase significantly is because of how professional the practice of making underwear is. The bra must be designed to be strong, soft, durable and supportive. It is so professional that you can actually get a four-year underwear design degree.

Whenever I decide to buy an expensive bra that does not meet my preferences, I will only wear it when I feel a certain amount of pressure.

“When I go home or get into more public places, I’m getting more and more stressed about wearing a bra. Just like when I go to the mall, I feel more stress just because I think I can trust There are fewer people and they are not subject to evaluation or harassment, “Friedman said.

This almost makes you ask, for whom do we wear a bra? Are we wearing them for our own comfort or for seeing the comfort of those who see the shame in breastless breasts around us? I see it as the latter.

I remember the time when I didn’t wear a corset style bra felt more comfortable. I heard people think that my body is not proper and laugh at my so-called sexual perversion. A woman should not be ashamed of anything that happens naturally on her body. This includes her breasts, mane, legs, or anything that the society considers shameful.

A woman’s body cannot be observed separately or in a purely sexual manner. Women should not be responsible for the way other people look at them.

Still, just because I myself and the other people I know feel comfortable sometimes when I’m not wearing a bra does not mean that other women should wear bras. For some people, Dai Wenxi can make them feel safe and provide them with the support they need.

Brack certainly has its uses, but before others decide to wear them, they should make sure that they wear them, not for others.

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