charming in temperament

At the ceremony of opening, everyone was shocked by the dress of the first lady, she was so dignified and elegant, It is so charming in temperament for her to show out in the media which shoot by all the photos or video , Every piece of his clothes will not repeat for the same style, and every piece of clothing is in a high texture absolutely, which is inseparable from his exquisite match. Sometimes she will wear a blue wool coat, hanging on a beautiful jewelry or brooch on the coat,  it usually small but delicate, such as the shape of roses,  shape of fish bone, or the stars, All the jewelry can be selected,  with the mixture of hairstyle, she will choose a suitable hairstyle to match her dress, so look at the spirit will be a little bit higher, usually with a fine small drill, which is play the role of the finishing touch. In an interview aboard, no doubtful. The clothing off first lady has become the focus of foreign media, they describe her dress as follows, which is beautiful and generous, elegant and calm, simple with a little dignified and the high atmosphere. On that day she wore a red coat, which is in a medium length, just above the knees, and most of the usual dress is as the formal, but the only difference is the hairstyle with the match, this time, the hairstyle is diffirent form ordinary, the hairstyle is in the loose scattered, and as the wave volume,which is very charming in temperament.

In the match of dress, the first lady is worth learning for us, especially when you participate in an important ceremony or the opening ceremony, you will gain a lot of  respect from the people around, it will make you look more Charming, of course, this is just a suggestion, you can choose with other clothes as you like, shawl also is a  good choice, both it can resist the cold, but also look more noble for you, in the choice of shoes, you can wear a pair of fine Shoes, as well as in the heel of the height you can choose one that suit you, depending on your own circumstances, if you are in high height, then you can choose a pair of low heels, if you feel that are a little short, then You want to improve your temperament, you can choose a pair of  high heel relatively, when you walk for a long time you will be a little tired, you can sit down and have a rest, do not forget to pinch your legs, so that  you will not feel tired.

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