In downtown Carmel fashion gifts

Fashion, leisure, luxury and more! This weekend in downtown carmel. Jimia Smith, deputy director of the Carmel – Downtown, we show that you can pick up a look!

14 District weekend, a trendy boutique store in Kamel, has exclusive works from all over the world. Carrying parts from CP hue, Jonny, Joe’s jeans and citizen’s humanity, the 14 district provides customers with a quiet environment, thoughtful and personalized shopping experience.
Model: wearing fashionable diamonds and South China Sea pearl corset style bra, CP tone velvet gowns, made 18K and platinum fisherman fine jewelry.

corset style bra

Beauty + grace

Beauty + Grace is a high-end clothing store, specially designed for modern women in Kamel’s modern clothing
Model: shining with this holiday beautiful and elegant costume, bring sequins and satin to your festival. French designer, L’Agence France-Presse, adds stars to this beautiful sequence of tanks. For the cold air at night, a charity jacket will help you stay warm and comfortable, while looking chic. Mcguire cowboy know how their denim collocation with this black ribbon, it seam. Put your lipstick and cell phone into this angel’s wing suede gray Zadig & zoltaire clutch design.

The Endeavour boutique offers everyday casual clothing for women of all sizes, facing college students, busy mothers and career women.
Style: jeans in jeans, jeans, hem wear corset style bra. Top Pink Martini turtle neck cold shoulder out! Vest – faux fur BB Dakota high collar hidden front closure. Necklace, ivory bead, gold declaration, mud pie.

In men’s clothing
Benzene is a luxury Menswear, men’s boutique accessories franchise, European cut, suitable for collecting shoes
Add a touch of touch to this classic adaptation to cold weather, warm red coat style, coat under J. Benzal and maroon sport coat. Elegant and brilliant purple sweater collocation, classic white shirt, tie and J. benzyl Chelsea start festival.

Leena’s wedding and formal
Leena wedding form is a new high-grade wedding dress and formal boutique.
Model: Stoudemire fashion dress of the bride in the form of exclusive sales Leena. It can be work or no corset and fully customizable. The fit and sparkle style of bridal dresses.

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