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Every girl should be beautiful at a prom, but clothes are expensive. A lot of girls don’t have to spend money because they hold a ball every year.

Gaston county girl came to the closet, from 9 to 11 on Saturday morning, on February 10th, Forest in the Bellevue high school gymnasium, pick free clothes.

“Every girl needs a special night, don’t feel very worried about the financial situation,” said Alison Henry, a teacher and Forest at the head of the party committee.

Henry was related to the prom wardrobe from the beginning, when the closet was first founded by her daughter Lauren Franklin.

2013, Franklin is looking for her idea of a gold medal in the girl scouts. Henry first raised this idea to Franklin, and Franklin then ran away with it.

“I see a girl in my high school and community who can’t go to the ball because they can’t afford to buy clothes,” Franklin said.

At the beginning, Franklin went to local businesses to look for money to donate clothes, pay the cost of plastic bags, clean clothes and steam, keep wrinkles and prepare clothes, hang clothes hangers, etc. the clothes donated by Poffie Girls are only local stores.

“This gives poffie the opportunity to return to Gastonia girl. Our love is here poffie girls give back to the local, “Alicia Waters said, in the poffie girl advertising manager.

From there, Franklin could find a place in the school to keep his clothes in case a girl who was not able to participate in the school wanted to wear one after school. She put the word out and opened the closet to other schools in Gaston county.

In order to keep the wardrobe in the dance, the people in the school had to promise to maintain it. Because of the prom, Henry accepted the project. The prom wardrobe has been held once a year.
Womens Sexy Dresses
“It’s not just a thing, it’s an ongoing thing, and I hope it’s going to be in the next few years,” Franklin said.

The dance season may be a few months, but for many girls, even before the spring comes the perfect Womens Sexy Dresses.

Some of my students said, “why did you come so early?” “The girls were looking for clothes very early,” Henry said.

The preparation of the cabinet is even earlier. Between 50 and 60 poffie skirts girls will be between October and November.

“We hope every girl has a chance to finish the dream of the prom.” Sometimes in the economic age, the dance is expensive, and we want every girl to feel beautiful, “Waters said.

Donating clothes are usually from last year’s line, but that doesn’t mean they are out of date.

“When the girls go to the ball, they will be beautiful. No one would say, ‘gosh, it’s 2016 years old,’ Henry said.

“Although they are a line of last year, they are still fashionable,” Waters said.

Anyone can donate them clean, mild use of the robe throughout the year. The tuxedo from individual donations is usually from the graduating Gaston county girl and the mother of the graduate.

Girls who miss Saturday’s activities can still pick a piece of Womens Sexy Dresses, but they need to coordinate with Henry for a while.

“I will continue to move forward, as long as I am in Forest at Pam and Smith (from poffie girl) willing to donate clothes,” Henry said.

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