Carnival clothing advice

If this is your first time in a rave party, play safe. “Safe” I do not mean you like plain plain clothes, but do not experiment to some extent, prove it is uncomfortable! No matter what you wear, what to drink, what to eat, it is important that you have a pleasant time. The carnival party usually starts in the evening, even at night into the night, and sometimes even at the beginning of the morning. So it is important that you wear comfortable things that you can spend so many hours!

Tops: The best way is to make a T-shirt. Boy is black, is an unwritten code, the girl’s color is very beautiful! So go baby! Wear bright colored tee – pink, green, yellow and popular collection. If you have a little skin performance, you can choose a neck or a t-tricolt. They look cool, casual and chic.

Bottom: If you are wearing a fancy / fashionable top/corset style bra, go to the bottom of a plain. Shorts can be used with boots and jeans. Heat the big three links can be combined with the hot pants. Of course, short blouses and shorts are also well together.

Footwear: If you want to bear your long legs, you can choose partner. They look super sexy, but also super comfortable dance. If you wear jeans or capris, you can go to sports shoes. Of course, if you choose sports shoes, shoelaces must be LED!
Accessories: Make sure your accessories do not hinder your way. As long as you remember, you go well!

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