Ashanti flash cleavage and abdomen black PVC bra

Ashanti flash cleavage and abdomen black PVC corset style bra and sportswear, she was in New York to promote the new single.

corset style bra

Sieng dare to bare her a part in MTV TRL in New York on Thursday.

R&B singer, 37, flashed her cleavage and she left what imagination in a PVC black belly bra.

She added a yellow and black track and field suit that loosened the jacket naturally so as not to cover her eyes.
Ashanti says the Black Ankle Boots with a sharp tie.

She hung down on her waist in her girdle pants.
The recording artist dressed in the same clothes to set up a series in New York where she also introduced her new single.

When she took a photo for a photographer outside the meeting, she showed a sign of peace.

In November 19th, Ashanti attacked a fan who threw notes on the Neal S. Brice Del center stage on the stage of her performance during Honolulu, Hawaii.

She was doing a routine, and she was dancing on the stage, and the fans at the side threw money at her.

The Grammy winner stopped her song and said to the crowd, “let me tell you something, stop and stop.” I need you to stop throwing that money. I am not a F * * * * * * off, okay?”

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