Charlotte Crosby wears a tight-fitting bodice dress and prepares for the beautiful Joshua Ritchie in Manchester’s star-studded In The Style bash

She recently raised her pregnancy rumors after sharing her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie’s tenderly holding her belly.

Charlotte Crosby looks as confused as the former beach star as they participate in the engagement party of style owners Adam Frisby and Jamie Corbett at the Impossible Bar in Manchester.

The 27-year-old Geordie Shore star wore a tight-fitting white bodice dress, in the star-studded revelry of Saturday, Joshua, 24 years old.

Charlotte insisted on monotony and finished her small outfit with a pair of white lace-up high heels and a Louis Vuitton clutch.
She portrayed her blond hair extension with a messy wave and outlined her character with a mascara and taupe lipstick.

At the same time, Josh wore a strange striped vest with tight-fitting black jeans and monk shoes.

The duo also has a group of Geordie Shore co-starring, including Chloe Ferry, Sophie Kasaei and Abbie Holborn.

Charlotte’s outing was discovered after she used the Instagram short film to trigger a pregnancy rumor, indicating that Joshua was holding her stomach.

Charlotte made her fans fall into disarray when shooting, indicating that she was standing next to a naked upper body Joshua, her hand on her stomach.

The real star who suffered an ectopic pregnancy with former Gary Biddle two years ago paid tribute to Joshua in the title.

“I love you on all good days. But more importantly, I love you on bad days,” she wrote.

“There is no change through rough and smooth, in fact I just love you more. I think this is love.

Fans flocked to the comments and began to test the real stars. One person asked: ‘God! Are you pregnant? ? ‘

‘Are you pregnant ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ‘Another person exclaimed, and another asked: “Hey, why does this seem to be holding your stomach?”

‘This looks like a baby announcement. He is holding your belly! “Another fan commented.

Despite heated speculation, a source confirmed to MailOnline that Charlotte was not pregnant.

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