Reebok’s first sports bra with Motion Sense technology coming soon

In three years, Reebok’s new product launch was a response to consumer feedback, highlighting the challenges women face in finding the perfect sports bra.

Statistics show that one in five women avoids exercise because they don’t have a proper bra. Reebok is developing a new and innovative product that provides support, comfort and confidence in women.

The result is the Reebok PureMove bra, featuring the brand’s new motion-sensing technology, a unique fabric technology that adjusts and responds to the shape of the body, the speed of the breast tissue, and the type and strength of the movement.

By stretching less during high impact motion, the fabric provides the wearer with the support they need while providing lighter support and a comfortable fit during low intensity activities.

“We can’t proudly launch a product that breaks down the long-term dissatisfaction of consumers and lacks real technological advances. Rebok’s vice president of performance apparel, Barbara Ebersberg, said: “Reebok innovation It has always been the DNA of Reebok, with a focus on transforming and improving one of the most important fitness outfits for women. ”

To test the new design and improve the performance of the bra, Reebok worked with the University of Delaware to measure the effects of various product samples on laboratory breast movements, using 54 motion sensors to track bounce and support, rather than industry standards. Two to four sensors.

Surprisingly, the bra consists of only seven pieces of fabric that are molded onto the body for a seamless second layer of skin fit, which means that the bra not only performs well, but also provides a high level of comfort.

“When you first hold it, the minimalist design of the bra may seem deceptive, but you shouldn’t be confused by lack of support or technology. Reebok’s senior creative fashion designer Danielle Witek says that every detail It is conscious and directly passed many years of testing and research.

This bra will come in a variety of sizes, from XS to XL / XXL, to help ensure a more personalized and personalized, especially for women who find themselves in the standard sports bra size.

The Reebok PureMove bra will be available exclusively at starting August 17th for $60. The bra will be released at major retailers around the world starting August 30th.

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