Figure vs squash, which sport corset style bra is better? Read this before I know, you bought the wrong before

You must know how good exercise is for your health. You should also know the importance of sports underwear: they provide enough support for the chest, so that your chest does not go with you.

Breasts without muscle. They stay on the breast, but the breast itself is full of fat, glands, and connective tissue. They are fixed on the chest by something called a Cooper ligament, but these ligaments do not reduce the movement of the chest. The skin seems to provide most of the support in restricting the movement of the chest. That is, at the physiological level, nothing can stop the chest from moving. About 40% to 60% of women feel chest pain when they engage in physical activity, according to the survey.

In ancient Rome, women bound their breasts with cloth and leather. Mosaics of pottery and mosaics in AD 4 and fifth Century show women in uniform wearing bikinis.

In the age of Vitoria, women began wearing tight bras to keep their breasts from moving too far. In 1887, Wimbledon women athletes need the gap in the race “for the bloody corset”, in the play, they repeatedly by this clumsy clothes in the metal and bone bone injury”. By the 1911, women had an elastic sports corset”. But it was not until 1920s that bras were gradually replaced by bras in the United States, although bras designed for sports were patented in the 1906, but it didn’t catch on.

Today, there are a variety of sports bra design for us to choose from, yoga type bandage, to fill the cup, and then to the classic pattern that suits, can drown. But they can be grouped into two broad categories: compression sports bras and cups sports bras.

Compression sports bras are the styles that people usually think of when they talk about sports bras – a piece of fabric tightly attached to the breasts. The principle is that if you press your breasts tight to the body, near your center of gravity, you can reduce their pulsation. This is feasible as long as your breasts are not particularly large.

The bra is independent of each breast, more like an ordinary bra. The bra sports bra is perfect for women with A cups and B cups, but women with bigger cups need more support. Some studies have shown that the bra can provide more powerful support, but not everyone agrees. In 2009, White, a researcher at the University of Portsmouth in England who studied chest movement, found that for women with D cups, the difference between compression sports bras and Cup sports bras was not significant.

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