Shang Wenjie created the whole new single “That Bra” might sound diss lace bra Premiere

“Electronic songwriter Shang Wenjie 2017 new full creation record third hit single” That Bra “today officially exposure,” That Bra “by Shang Wenjie won the songwriting and production, famous music arranger David Kosten penned. The colloquial expression perfectly presents the inner attitude: hated corset style bra.

“That Bra” is written by Shang Wenjie for the creation of Ci and qu. “I do whatever I want. I hate that Bra. I hate lace Bra. Don’t let me see it. You can see it.” Shang Wenjie used the oral expression to create an emotional text, unique and brave and unrestrained.

But in the arrangement, this song is also a continuation of the unruly arrangement to give ear style, sense of awe, bass a very strong shock wave, flexible transfer to the auditory nerve in the brain, instant imagination and artistic conception, the drum group simply whip swing tamp speed, this deep and shallow, agile synthesizer in all the minor details of flash, do not know where to bring the tone of the surprise, thus showing a creative drive a dry faggot on a blazing fire.

Let you want to hear, want to listen, think forever. In addition, Shang Wenjie changes in the singing, and the formation of a great contrast, the sound is full of noise sound, nonlinear control of twisting and turning, like an old black and white photos, is beautiful and very rough embodiment, the infinite red wild, an unknown destination sink.

corset style bra
“That Bra” single vision by famous visual artist Xu Xizheng, Jin Jing together, shooting at the Today Art Museum – museum today; makeup hair created by other Tai Ling Yi, master Zhang Fanliang, playful and sharp visual combination is still loyal to the self, one rebel.

Noise and fashion elements, swaying in the sound light, but it is still very sharp. Freedom, bold, generous, deviant, all of this is her definition, but also can give all the definition, because she is changing, subtle, like a bird there with us, from the perspective of the general public, as well as the depressed world jump out, offer different attitude.

It is reported that after the release of “That Bra”, Shang Wenjie will be expected to meet all of the other heavy singles of the record.

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