This summer, three Australian swimwear brands will hit the beach

With 85% of Australia’s population living at 50km from the coast, they are in a perfect position to measure what is the coolest thing to wear on the beach. Here are some of the most influential swimsuit designers they have today

Australians live in beaches and swimming pools – 85% of the population lives within 50 kilometers of the coast. According to reports, the country has more than 10,000 recorded beaches and more than 1.2 million backyard swimming pools, allegedly the world’s highest ownership of private pools per capita.
Although the two companies have already entered offshore hands, Quiksilver and Speedo, one of the world’s most iconic surfing and swimwear brands, were born in Australia. In 2014, luxury behemoth LVMH snapped up 70% of the Sydney swimwear brand Seafolly, the largest swimwear brand in Australia. The brand is sold in 41 countries.

Of course, it is now much easier to introduce swimwear brands than when Seafolly was launched in 1975. For beginners, you can now use Instagram, which has a 789% increase in monthly active users from 2013 to 2017 to 800 million.

Coincidentally, in the past ten years, Australia’s new swimming brands have also seen explosive growth. These brands do not need too much travel budget to create their ideal Instagram in a spectacular place. Bikini girl image. Bring your product to the ultimate influencer, Kardashian Jenner, to provide the next level of exposure. More than one new Australian swim brand can list it on their wish list.

This is a complex of five new Australian swimwear brands launched since 2014. Its founders include colorful girls and fashionistas, second- and third-generation clothing manufacturers and even real estate developers. Women’s brands are entering. During the renaissance of simple swimwear, the brand was first introduced by French brand Eres in 1968.

Myra Swim

How does a swimsuit designer under radar notice? If you are on the Gold Coast, Queensland-based former professional surfer Bianca Elouise Anstiss, you put your shame-cut line, cleavage- and trophy Baring Thong Swimsuit and bikini the world’s largest swimwear event – Miami Swimming Show. Then you can show off the glamorous curves of your product on the beach during the appointment. In July 2016, the Internet and her Anraiss brand of Myra Swim branded the paparazzi.

Launched in 2014, inspired by bold 1980’s and 1990’s swimsuit cuts, such as the five sports Illustrated swimwear release cover star Elle Macpherson (the brand’s signature “Elle” maillot is still a bestseller). Plus some PR promotion to top stylists, this triggered an avalanche of Instagram selfie self-timer from a bold, minimalist style celebrity, a seamless finish and a plain palette. The paparazzi’s image helps expand coverage. Emily Ratajkowski, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Karrueche Tran, Sofia Richie and Blac Chyna are fans. Available on and a dozen Australian and international retailers.

Aexae Swim

The hottest thing for swimming in Myra is Aexae swimming. It was launched in 2016 by 21-year-old Sydneysider Amelia Perez. She said that she had been taught model production by her grandmother. She was a female tailor of the Brazilian governor. The brand offers ultra-high-cut singles, bikinis and one-shoulder blouses in a similarly seamless manner, with a wide range of colors, wider coverage and lower prices. Perez also advertised herself to her 100,000 Instagram viewers on the label.

After being linked to Los Angeles public relations, Aexae Swimming has taken photos of British and Australian fashion and glamour Britain, including Alexander Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Chanel Iman, and Xue Mitchell. Sophia Ritchie and Kim and Courtney Kardashian have coverage. Kim Kardashian has taken a white and black version of the “Mercedes” blouse from Aexae’s best-selling beach and is paired with leggings. Available at and thearearebody.

Her Line

The partnership company was founded in 2014 and its Sydney-based business and life partner Nguyen and Michael Lin – before being catapulted into highlights by the New York Times profile in 2016 – her line was designed to be a correspondingly picky swimwear style with multipleties and embarrassment Female flounces or movement details.

In fact, the brand’s similarities to minimalist lingerie are more similar, with signatures including retro chic high-rise panties; triangles or bikini tops; and trendy ballet tight dress-like maillots. These works are carefully crafted from high-quality European materials and are rendered in shades of blocks. Made in Australia is part of her line – born in Sydney’s Vietnamese manufacturing community, Nguyen was taught to sew when her parents’ tailoring studio was young.

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