Bras, panties and swimwear… It’s all about health

The right underwear has how huge difference, you look at your clothes, seven out of 10 women wearing the wrong corset style bra size.
Do you have the following symptoms?

corset style bra

The straps fall from the shoulder: Buton rock asphalt trunk is too big

– wire clamps under the arm pit: Buton rock asphalt trunk is too big.
The bra bra straps under Mining: need to tighten.

– bra back: Buton rock asphalt on the trunk around too much.

The breast protruding from the top – bra cup size is too small and the arm.

– a breast than another breast: 90% of women with a breast than another big breast. It’s easy to overcome, wear a stretch of bra cup mold each breast.

A new bra should try in the store, because the size can according to different clothing and tailoring. For example, strapless corset style bra cups are small.

Fit and smooth edge of the underwear enhanced bottom, and provide a good shape for the skirts, shorts and pants. In some clothes, cover the navel underwear smoother than bikinis underwear.

Your swimsuit or bikinis is fit for your body?

Swimsuit must be firm and firm when it is dry. When dragging loose wet swimsuit, give the wearer a sagging bottom. Disgraceful. All swimming suits can be relaxed when they are wet. In order to achieve the perfect fit, most swimwear manufacturers now offer bikinis and a corset style bra size accessory. To meet the long trunk, plump chest size.

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