Clovia Launches New Line of Vibrant and Chic Swimwear

We entered the summer, which means that the holidays and pool meetings on the beach are orderly. The days when people visit beaches with monotonous T-shirts and shorts are gone forever.

Today, it is absolutely necessary to plan a beach vacation or to plunge pools in chic, stylish and stylish swimwear that allows you to fight against fashion! The fastest-growing lingerie brand in Clovia, India, has launched a new line of trendy swimwear, including singles, bikinis, halter tops, unlined suits, tankinis, bathing suits and beach skirts.

Like every new Clovia collection, its design also bears in mind contemporary women’s contemporary and modern tastes. Bathing suits have removable biscuits, styles ranging from sexy bikinis and V-cuts to gentler swimwear and boys’ legs so that people can choose according to their needs and preferences.

Colors range from solid red, blue, black to gradient pink, yellow, orange, and even white or nude.

This is a weird model club in stripes, flowers and polka dots. The series also features vibrant sarongs and crocheted robes in pastel and sunset shades. These beauties are made of soft polyamide material and provide a comfortable feeling of water in and out.

Clovia Chief Operating Officer Suman Chowdhury said: “Swimsuits have become an important part of women’s closets. Women are not only seeking comfortable swimwear but also a fashion statement.

Clovia’s new swimwear line offers a variety of stylish styles and designs to cater to and check all the fashion pointers on every girl’s list. Believe that “the more the better”, women can explore countless appearances and prepare for the summer preparations for the sand tour and pool parties. “

These swim suits appear in quirky, unique and lively designs at prices of Rs 1,399 and above.

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