Activewear Indie Darling Outdoor Voices Launches First Swimwear Series

Austin-based Sportswear Series Outdoor Voices today launched the first swimwear series called the H2OV. This new colorful swim outfit has eight female styles with accessories such as beach towels and vintage Freestyle watches.

The brand said that the new product line “is created for water sports… through activities to inspire interest and inject energy through the use of bold colors and true OV-blocking modes.”

Known for its Instagram-friendly pastel shades and fitness equipment, this swimwear line runs counter to the style of the previous series. CEO and founder Taylor Hani talks about new colors: “We strongly feel that colors, especially bright colors, can add vitality to your equipment and help motivate you to move. Swim gives us the opportunity to The new approach uses bolder colors and new silhouettes. ”

When asked about product inspiration and process, Haney shared: “The product creation digs deeply into our customers’ requirements and several rounds of testing. Last year, when we received our first round of samples, we were at Barton Springs near the Austin headquarters. An event was held with some customers.

We got a lot of feedback, and these feedbacks help shape our approach – in fact, there is no original pattern or material that can cut through the final. In each round of competitions, we have tested through a series of activities such as swimming, water skiing and surfing, as well as various climates. We have already boarded the fabrics we are really proud of. “

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