Miss Utah dressed up ready to start the final game with swimsuit

Salt Lake City – Officials at the Miss Utah Beauty contest this week look forward to celebrating the player’s long tradition.

“This is our last dress for Miss Utah to dress up in a dress contest. The evening game is running the way it is now… For us, it’s a celebration of where our history has been since 1921: …. We are very happy to celebrate this, “said Whitney Thomas, director of communications for Miss Utah and the 2009 contest.

To make the game more inclusive and consistent with the #MeToo campaign, Miss America officials announced last week that the physical condition no longer affects the candidate’s score, and that competing women can now put their swimwear on the suitcase in autumn .

The Utah beauty contest began on Wednesday and has always included the swimwear part of the game, Thomas said, although this part of the game has experienced changes at the state and local levels over the years.

She said that some local beauty contests only hold swimsuit contests in front of the referees, while some contestants hold the games in front of the audience.

Thomas said that state and local level organizers still do not know what the future competition will look like. He added that they will receive instructions from Miss America officials after Miss Utah’s beauty contest.

Fifty-four women will participate in the competition, which will be held at the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake City from Wednesday to Saturday.

Thomas encourages “the Utah people who love those regions that are participating in the beauty contest and celebrating the history together.”

She said that among the players who participated in the Utah beauty contest, the reaction to the recent change in the Miss America game has split.

Thomas said: “Even if it were just a competitor, some of the young women who competed with Miss Utah last year and returned this year were released and others were destroyed.”

Former Miss Utah said that when she participated in the competition, the idea of ​​participating in the swimsuit section of the game “scared me away from the beginning.”

“I don’t think any young woman or woman is very fond of wearing a swimsuit in the beginning, so I think it’s hope that it will include more young women,” she said.

However, for many people, she said, “Lifestyle and fitness games are very beneficial to them.”

The current Miss Utah JessiKate Riley agreed.

“I’m mixed emotions. … … I think fitness is a very important aspect of the game,” she said.

The title holder stated that she believes that the organization should stay healthy even if it is in another way.

Riley said that when she started to participate in the game, she also felt uncomfortable with the idea of ​​the swimsuit part of the game. However, she said that this helped her develop into a stronger, confident and healthy person.

But she believes that the former Miss America decided to make these changes “the most critical thing is the best interests of the organization.”

“Although I may not understand it for the second time, I support (organization) in this decision,” she said. “I think this will be better for the organization. We will have more different girls.”

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