The golden rule for corset style bra

One thing that all women might agree with is that good corset style bra are expensive.
In addition, as a need for multiple bras, good maintenance is paramount
Most of your investment.

By fine handling, you prolong the life of your underwear.
Bras are best washed every three days.
So, if a woman has three bras, she wears spins, and when the corset style bra has third to wear.
Recycle it before washing it.
Putting your bra in the washer can damage the elasticity, wire, or other
Clothes that might have been accidentally hooked on a bra.
If you want your bra on, your hand washing technique gets very good.
Fill your sink with warm water and add a little gentle (ideal).
Liquid detergent. Next, submerge your bra and let them leave soaking 20
Minute。 Rinse and drain before drying.

corset style bra
If you have to use a bag
Not everyone has time to make a wash queen, so an underwear bag is
Your next best bet.
There are two common types of package selection – simple and fine mesh sorting
A zipper or a mesh pouch used to protect bras.
Turn off your bra and insert a cold bag before inserting it into your underwear bag,
Gentle cleansing, plus a mild detergent, and then walk away.
Dry and not done
A heated towel rack dries the bra very quickly, but it’s dangerous to put it in a dryer.
Not only can the steel ring buckle out and stab the heat ! But it can change the general shape.
Also, don’t hang your bra on the washing line, because the weight of the water will stretch your corset style bra.
The best way is to dry your bra on a drying rack. Second best of all, fold it in the middle of the laundry line.

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