The existence of corset style bra is not only comfort, but also social rebellion.

For average women, wearing a bra is almost like eating or drinking water – we subconsciously do it without thinking about it. We hardly ever go to get our bras every morning. This is because we have accepted the need for it. But, isn’t it? To know what it is, we must talk about what it does and what it is created to do, and then assess its role in our lives.

corset style bra
The history of bras
The corset style bra is the result of lifting and shaping the breasts and is a heavy corset. Prior to this, our attachment was free to exist because no one felt the need to control the appearance of female images to benefit others. After all, wearing a skinny thing to make your breasts look like other people is not what women are willing to do. So the idea of bras is rooted in the idea that women’s shapes look more attractive. Obviously, we are used to accepting the idea that the approval of society (especially men) is the key to our survival, and we think it’s OK to wear bras.
In fact, after the war of 50s, a slightly tapered bra, seen in the wind by a girl, was really popular. They stressed the chest area and created considerable scandal, because on your face. Therefore, the bra has a lot to do with a sexy woman, because they come, because their purpose is to let the female breast look lively, lift and through this, obsessed with the idea that young your body looks more beautiful, this is. That’s why many women, even today, say their breasts “need” to improve because we are all used to worrying about sagging parts of our bodies. So, not our breasts need lifting. It’s just a social or masculine gaze, it likes to look at it, we’re used to pandering to it, so we hardly think.
Postmodern acceptance struggle
In 70s, the emergence of flower power radicalism, including feminism and Marx doctrine (in the United States) and refusal to accept social oppression. For many women, this kind of oppression includes the fact that they always have to wear a dress that is as oppressive as a bra. Therefore, the “bra burning” movement began to be recognized as one of the most radical movements in women’s rights movement. This is the beginning of the end of the corset style bra.corset style bra
Today, bras are still uncomfortable, painful and restricted. Research into the adverse effects of bras, especially those with wired or extreme push ups, is pervasive. In view of this, many women refuse bras at every opportunity they receive. However, rejection is largely tacit, because we are used to feeling naked without bras. Men feel when they wear elegant skirt instead of trousers, women feel when they are free from their breast pain tight bra clutches. This kind of relaxed existence and that freedom is very uncomfortable for us, because of unavoidable problems, other people will want to see what, what, follow the rejection of bra behavior, so many women are very afraid of this behavioral response. We’re just not used to feeling free, so the whole idea is strange to us, hindering many women from giving up bras.
In fact, sports T-shirts,corset style bra styles, have recently married into a bizarre bra trend, giving women comfortable underwear. The recent commercialization of feminism and the introduction of the mainstream of light, this is not entirely a movement to come all of a sudden. For a variety of functional and comfortable women’s clothing has finally been recognized because someone decided to talk about its needs, and ultimately we benefit from the results.

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