Take better care of corset style bra

The value of a good corset style bra is not to be defeated. Literally, from the money and time you spend finding the perfect fit, symbolically, in a fitting bra, makes you look like you feel good.
Taking care of you, in the right way, is how you extend the life of each bra or underwear and keep the investment going for as long as possible. We have some suggestions and some projects to help you care about your investment.
First, hand washed corset style bra are always recommended. If you have time, everything is ready. Most of us (I’m in the crowd) just don’t have time to do it. Machine washable bras or other delicate objects, such as silk or lace, are a completely acceptable alternative, and they can be remembered by hand washing.

corset style bra
Always wash with cold water. And this seems counterintuitive, often in fabric Lycra underwear. Lycra will bounce back with cold water, but hot water cooks and bears elasticity. Wash with a mild detergent on a delicate circle, yes, in cold water. In your bra or other things, such as a hook or a nylon hasp into the washing machine before, please put all the hooks, buttons or Velcro secured. This helps prevent the hook from capturing other materials, and then twist the deformation.
Washing colors and whites are more important than synthetic materials. The dye runs easily from the synthetic and lighter colors to pick it up. If you have a beautiful red bra, and separate it from your everyday white bra, everything will turn pink. Wash separately according to weight. This means that your bra and underwear are made of lightweight materials and should not be in the same load as your towels, sheets or jeans. It’s common sense, but sometimes we just want to wash clothes, don’t stop and think.
Coordination will help you with some clothes that can help you. The bra bags made of fine nylon nets are sold in pairs. There is a dome to help keep the shape of your bra, a zipper with anti rust zipper and elastic tape rolled up, so there is no obstacle. Washing bras in this way can make it easier to add to other white clothes, such as T-shirts or socks.
We also have washing bags from the coordination meeting, a set of two fine mesh fabric bags, two sizes, perfect, exquisite underwear or single or any other washing machine that you don’t want to distort. These bags also have anti rust zippers and zip with zip up.
No matter which way you go, hand washing or machine washing, don’t put the corset style bra into the dryer. Lycra heat very hard, will greatly shorten your investment life. In my house, the thing hanging on the doorknob is the dog’s magnet. Yes, my bra has been found in the collection of animal toys.
Find a safe place (no dog) to hang underwear dry, maybe in the shower bar or on the line. You can hang it on a hanger, and then gently turn the bra back to normal before drying.
October is the breast cancer awareness month. Join us in supporting the cause and buying tickets on a table decorated with old flames. Janet chooses pink and amazing Scandinavia! Let’s take care of girls and bras.
You know what? In November 3, 1914, Mary Phelps Jacob received her bra patent.” She was 20 years old, tired of whale bones, and didn’t do anything, her fashionable evening dress was flattering. She invented a bra with ribbons and handkerchiefs, and the rest is history.

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