Grace Wong buy aromatherapy sweep lace Bra aphrodisiac after B

Grace Wong (Grace) l do chapter has been busy filming the queen mother, husband Daniel often alone, cold! As a “reward” to give up the cause of American husband, recently she swept the sexy black corset style bra, to playing in the boudoir black temptation! Clear to learn more Grace sister to buy aphrodisiac aromatherapy, the valley as husband to male hormones, a blow that, for her husband after the sweet lamp!

31 year old female artist Grace Wong in June this year, with husband Daniel ended 11 years of courtship, low-key wedding in the United States, in Hongkong in July 11th after the re submit to the wedding, to share with more than 300 guests rise “chapter” joy too! And Daniel in order to accommodate his wife’s work, not hesitate to give up everything in the United States, come to Hong Kong to re develop the cause. However, the acting career in Yuejin Grace in order to seek a breakthrough to work again, very recently, more emphasis is that the new wireless shooting ,your honor, will often make the husband alone.

corset style bra

Listen to Sales introduce sweet smile

Grace is also aware of the problem, that this is not the way, so make a positive method to appease the husband lonely heart, make him feel done Bu groom are worth. It is known that Daniel is the chapter Jiajiu generations of single males have a responsibility after the sweet lamp, so Grace wanted to marry after the husband gave birth to “B” chapter, alleviate the pressure of the family and a husband.

Has always wanted to implement B for Grace days before a single drag appeared in Kowloon Tong, a shopping mall, wearing shorts and boots sold thigh “absolute field”, very suction eye! I saw Grace leaving the hair salon, he ran into a shop in the store aromatherapy, just five minutes gains, a bag of smoke left the store aphrodisiac aromatherapy. After that, she moved to a British Royal underwear shop clerk, listen to the introduction, Grace frequently reveal curious look, from time to time honeymouthed mask smile, seems to have to think in the boudoir “reward” husband, other blood boiling, flow nosebleed as the scene!

Stimulate the male hormone

In fact, Grace, Linda Chung and cenlixiang composed of “virgin” party, since the party has married, only Gou Yunhui Yun Ying did not marry, a wife began to no longer taboo about sex, to give counsel for Grace, so she can “hit the”! The best of all the sisters from the Grace according to the proposal, this initiative will specialize in the mysterious sexy black underwear, like going to play black temptation to noble sexy charm, stimulate husband male hormone! Therefore, Grace selected several sets of Anita underwear, lace corset style bra, took the good heart into the locker room, after ten minutes to see her when she has stepped out, remove the jacket, sun Fit burst Slim Body. After the good mood she also pay with the clerk to play Selfie, and a few bags of loot quickly into the left arm.

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