The football league doesn’t take action against the bra search in the game.

The British Football League decided not to take action, because in the “heavily intrusive” security search, the stewards showed the female fans the corset style bra.
At least 10 Grimsby town supporters, including a 70 year old woman, said their bra in Stevenage football club in the August 19th race director check.
It is said that some supporters even have their own bra to the housekeeper if they confirm that they need.
The news sparked a debate about football clubs dealing with rival fans, which, in turn, led to complaints about invasive security checks for women in other stadiums in the uk.
The British Language Association announced on Wednesday a comprehensive review of the allegations, and concluded that it did not violate its provisions.
The agency said it had received detailed comments from the two clubs and decided not to take specific action”.
A spokeswoman for the English Department refused to say how it came to this conclusion, or whether it had seen CCTV footage from the scene, and did not get evidence from supporters and other witnesses.
Kristine Green, Grimsby Town Liaison Officer and fans seaman trust board member, said she found the disappointment of English sentences being imposed on us a day late”.
A trust spokesman said: “the trust trust company is very disappointed with the results of the review of the British Language Association, and reiterated our view: the Football League does not consider low level clubs and their supporters.
It’s shocking that how British women can ask women supporters to raise their coats and show their corset style bra, which does not violate their rules. The British Language Association did not deny the incident, which made their judgment more ridiculous.
In a brief statement about the findings, the British Council urges supporters to contact independent football monitors and English and clubs in the future.
It said: “China will continue to work with all of the club, to ensure that the race is still a pleasant and positive experience and supporters, assistance, new guidance on some security issues will be issued, and work safety.
It also reminds you that all clubs and English majors have specialized channels to ensure professional and approachable contact points to report any complaints or concerns. Details can be obtained through the Charter of supporters of the club or the British foreign language association.

corset style bra
In August, Steve FC said Nicky have stepped up security game attention, prohibited items may be smuggled to women or children.
It says that the problem in game management is “atypical”, because it believes that “high-risk groups” will attend, with potential trouble.
Amanda Jacks, the head of the football supporters Federation, said, “it’s quite unusual to do this kind of investigation in English, and we appreciate what they’ve done.
“The statement seemed to read between the lines, considering it actually invited supporters follow the complaint procedures and gives correspondent details, we will encourage those who are in charge, not only in Stevenage but also in any club, follow this line, I am willing to help them to do so.”

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