These little bikinis will start to become popular this summer

Although we tremble during the winter, you may wish to book your nearest salon immediately before this summer’s hottest bikini trend.

These ultra-shorts, high-waisted “drawstring” bikini bottoms are sweeping Instagram – with almost no imagination and requiring some serious bikini maintenance.

Because of the combination of the belts and fabrics of swimwear, the Internet calls it the “belly belt bikini.”

Supermodels Elsa Hosk and Emily Ratajkowski frolic in sexy looks, showing everything from the hip cleavage to the so-called “Toblerone Tunnel”.

Ratajkowski’s new swim series, Inamorata, launched the “Neptune” series, while the “It” girl brands Danielle Guizio and Minimale Animale carry their own sultry bikinis.

In an interview with, the creative directors of the Melbourne swimwear brands BOSSA, Charissa Trikos and Connie Dritsas said that when it comes to bikinis, “the higher the better”.

“Everyone wants to show off the chest, buttocks and buttocks next to it. Kardashian’s styling really returned to our culture, and this design does stretch the legs – which means the wearer looks higher and more thin.”

Although the bottom of the ceiling may be a bit daunting, it’s clear that every woman should at least try it because “it can shape almost all shapes.”

Roxane Uzureau, the chief designer of Swidyn Swim, a Sydney-based swimwear brand, says that this design creates a miracle in the wearer’s profile.
“Anyone can take off the look of a high waist or high chest because it will praise any character,” Ms Uzureau told the news.

“This design has a visual illusion that draws the eyeline to the waist and because your waist is always smaller than the hips, it gives people the overall appearance of a slimmer illusion.”

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