Modeling Designer: Sofia Resing’s New Swimwear Collection is a shrinking dream of the 1990s

Striking colors. High leg cuts. There are all scrunchies you never thought you would see again. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Sofia Resing launched her debut swimmar line, which is a 90s baby’s dream come true!

Sofia collaborated with Argentinian fashion designer Mery Racauchi to create a unique and memorable swimwear collection, designed by SOFIA RESING MERY PLAYA. The product series released today was inspired by Mega’s signature Pegasus. The fabulous wing creatures act as a perfect muse. This is a whimsical series because it is practical.

“In my modelling career, I have been working with many swimwear brands and working with Sports Illustrated will always be one of my proudest memories and achievements,” Sofia told SI Swimsuit.

“Working with Mery Racauchi to launch my own swimwear series MERY PLAYA exceeds any excitement I’ve ever known—in terms of creativity and not just a model. Using my experience to design each piece, Brazilian tradition makes my vision very interesting. !”

During her modelling career, Sofia dreamed of designing lines that fit her body. She envisions a line that blends classic style with modern style, and offers a completely new way in soft colors.

And this is how MERY PLAYA! So, whether you’re looking for yourself on the shores of Los Angeles or on Bora Bora’s beach, you can choose from 5 MERY PLAYA debuts to suit all your needs. (Rewards: All works have a pink lining to support women’s empowerment!)

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