Female fans had to show their bras in front of men in security checks

At the tournament, orders them to raise their tops and show off their bras, and they line up to get into the match for the female fans.
Supporters of Grimsby say they suffered an invasion of privacy during the visit to the stadium weekend.
Awkward women claimed that female waitresses asked whether they could sense their corset style bra at the airport security check sky before betting on Saturday’s League game.
Supporters also say that at least one young man, a child of age five, is obviously restless.
Jon Wood, a trusted supporter of Grimsby’s sailors chairman, lashed out at an open letter to the so-called treatment team club.
He wrote: “some female supporters were put on their bras, housekeeper entered the stadium.
The decision, in front of other supporters of the queue, including men and butlers, is a violation of privacy.
“Female supporters also because we come into contact with their waitresses ask them whether they feel their bra, if they confirm, they need.”.
“The fans are uncomfortable when they say they will” really do, not ‘they”reluctantly “to the ground.”.
This bill will effectively constitute sexual assault, and these types of searches are illegal.
Fans of the town of Grimsby said they were also asked by the waitress if they could “feel” that they were trying to enter Steve Niki’s FC’s two weekend underwear at the stadium.
Ladies traveling abroad are no longer allowed to wear bras, underwear can trigger cable, because sensitive airport metal detectors, security guards asked to search.
But some 70 year old fans said they were surprised that Saturday’s low fixture was subject to airport security.
Hertfordshire club now has been inundated with complaints in an internal investigation.
Steve Niki, general manager of Bob Makin, said: “we have been flooded with letters received on the phone and in writing.”.
“There are a lot of complaints and allegations that we must take seriously.”. Many of them.
“We are investigating and will be writing a formal response to the question. There will be no further comment until the investigation has been completed.”
Jon Wood, a member of the Grimsby mariners trust, chairman of the fan community, represented more than 3000 Grimsby fans very angry to deal with.
He said in an open letter to the team’s Club: “some women supporters were put on their bras and housekeeper entered the stadium.
“This decision – before the other supporters of the queue, including men and butlers – is a violation of privacy.
“Female supporters also contacted our country because they were asked by the stewardess whether they felt their bra, if they confirmed they needed it.”.
“This action will effectively constitute sexual assault, and these types of searches are illegal.”.”
Supporters say the housekeeper searched the children for at least five years with at least one apparent uneasiness, supporters say. Items included include a bottle of hand sanitizer, contact lens solution, cough syrup and medication.
Paul Savage, the sailor’s trust, vice president, said: “if you don’t see it with your eyes, you can hardly believe it happened.”.
“This is a police search for me. The same search. You’ll get a detention room on a Friday night.
As a football fan, there seems to be no reason to need to check a woman’s bra at all times, let alone a football match.

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