Do you know the origin of bra?


corset style bra

As we know, bras are everywhere. I believe you must have seen different types of bras, but do you know the source of bras? Below, let me take you to explore the origin of bra.

Brassiere (French: Brassière) is a type of clothing, also known as a bust, bra, breast shield, breast shield, corset style bra, sometimes replaced by the generic name “underwear” or “internal beauty”, its function is to mask and support the breast. . Usually for women, there are also a few men’s bras that are exclusively for men.

The word “bra” originates from France and is called “Brassière”, but it is now generally referred to as “Bra”. “Brassière” in French originally meant the baby’s bib. The former European nobility popularly wore a very tight tunic. However, because this type of tunic was too cumbersome, the use of two handkerchiefs to reshape bras became the prototype of modern bras.

Women wear bras to comply with social norms such as dress code, or because they believe that bras can prevent sagging breasts. In fact, even bra manufacturers do not agree with this statement. In Western culture, about 10-25% of women do not wear bras, whether they are for personal enjoyment or for reasons of health or comfort. The vest, camisole, and backless dress have built-in breast support components, reducing the need for additional bra wear.

The constant changes in social trends and new materials have increased the variety of designs available, allowing manufacturers to make bras that are fashionier than functional. A bra is a complicated garment made up of different parts. The standards and sizes of manufacturers vary greatly from place to place, making it difficult for women to find the right bra for them. Even the measurement methods of bras are not the same, so even professional workers do not like to use the same size only for the same woman. As a result, 75%-85% of women wore unmatched corset style bra.

Bra has become a prominent icon or cultural symbol of feminism beyond its main function of supporting the breast. Some feminists see it as a symbol of oppression of the female body. From a cultural perspective, the first bra that girls receive in their lives is considered a symbol of adulthood.


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