Vitoria’s Secret trend in Bralette, insisted on pushing Push

In trying to enter the cool kids want these days, Vitoria veteran underwear secretly decided to stop trying to fashion, just stick to understand things and filling, and promote the bra wiring, something to the ability.

Competitors are pushing the front page at these times. Some shoppers love these wireless bra, usually without liner, because they have simple size, such as small, medium, large and super large, not the cup size, which can be more easily predicted for some things.
But even though the secrets of Vitoria are best done, it is clear that these fashion products have not been very successful, but have been rewarded in this regard. Ben Singer, Vitoria’s chief executive, said on a profit call this week that Bralettes would now be less than 5% of its portfolio.
On the contrary, it pushes things upward.
The singer said: “Bralettes up and down trends, we will have them.”.” “But we make the best bras. Anyone can make a front page.”. We are paid for the building. ”

The singer pointed out that the company has a “cornerstone” push up bras business, although they try daring things, but now find there are a lot of sexy “, pointed out that” fashion is the way forward in building a bra. ”
“I think anyone can do something bold. It’s a time to come and will do it again,” Singer said. “But for us, we are the best constructed.”.
Try something new
Vitoria’s Secret parent, L Brands, has launched a series of changes over the past few years aimed at increasing sales and maintaining customer returns.
Among these initiatives: sell more sports bras, get rid of swimsuit categories, and try to reduce dependence on their print catalogs. Last fall, the company also announced that it would rid itself of “forever free underwear” coupons.
Meanwhile, Vitoria’s secrets face new competitors like Amazon, which reportedly is interested in expanding its own clothing brands to include women’s clothing.
The brand also feels the pressure of the recent spate of lingerie start-ups, many of which offer subscription styles and promise to provide more accurate sizes.

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