The breast is back. If you were Rihanna. Or in 40

Ladies, you can breathe a little!
In fact, you may want to start just breathing, and now, you can open bandages, tape, unlock corset style bra and free your arms from a sports corset style bra sized little bond.

We know this is true because the New York post – published by Rupert Murdoch – owns it and announces it.
The newspaper reported that Rihanna, in an event last week, was dangerously out of her big red dress, marking the official return of the breasts.
For those we do not know our “wives” – a word, frankly, the description of the female anatomy Trump seems poetic – once gone, it goes on to explain that “supermodels such as Kendall Jenna and Bella Hadid of the lively small chest has the highest rule”, in recent times.
The ban on large breasts abolishes the extension to the the Atlantic side. “Curve your passion: a big bounce in the chest,” reported the sun, another Murdoch’s title this week.
This seems to be good news for the average Irish woman. The bra size is 34C. But don’t think that means you can manipulate your wife in any old group, need signs and Spencer Gh and finish it. Oh, and the first thing to do is improve. (keep in mind that women do not have part of female anatomy, and can not benefit from the cooked in a marketing department expert in our application, feel bad about our body.) Consider strengthening them with “push up bras, sliced chicken, clever makeup” or “glitterboobs”, appeared in the Glastonbury proposal.
News, chest has come back from exile, twitter ignited mixed relief and confusion.
The abolition of the ban on breasts may not be a story of the sun breaking, the New York post has nothing to do with those months that guarded all mammary glands earlier this year.
“Looking at their breasts can boost men’s longevity,” “go to the headlines.”.
“It may seem like an inconvenience, or invasion of privacy, and many women are staring at the chest, causing a positive attitude toward men,” said the report. The science behind this is that 2012 of studies show that positive thinking can help people control their coronary heart disease, while the sun will be ancient formulations of research, “people + positive thinking = fool.””.
But put your chest from the box in the attic, where all foot spa in your shoe, jeans and fairy tree lights – and play their recent elderly men, etc.! Because in the London Times, Saturday edition, another Murdoch (if you find a trend here to raise your hand), it appears, not all back of the chest.
Only those belonging to the next 40: cut out at the age of 40, Sam Leith reported in a helpful article, “do nothing to say wear, if you exceed 40: age limit test.””.
“Obviously, it depends on the chest, they support, but usually you want to avoid a huge fold, fake tan, cantilever tilt, will change, nephew and niece, family pets will disappear,” he added instructions, quipped: “this woman too”.
So you have a woman. Having breasts is good if you are Rihanna; if you are 50 years old, Salma Hayek doesn’t have so much (who, according to the same article, should also reserve yourself a reasonable short hair now)
And, of course, we can decide that we’ve had enough of this sexism, age discrimination, reductionism. We can stop taking part in maintaining our behavior and voting with our bodies and simple choices with our wallets. We can bypass any export orders concerning the release of the latest salary gap is our own fault, because we are not ambitious enough or because we have the courage to pregnancy; or age, we must abandon tight jeans or fracture; or whether we need our small labium dressing; or we often need to luminiser we (I hope I have vulva say, but this is one thing: Google “perfect V”).
We can loudly, and often need, refuse to suggest that everything from being raped is less controlled on the Internet, and that it is our fault for a young man to die. The only perfect body we can accept is the one that keeps you alive. We can decide to hug, whether those bodies make us feel good, the lady’s lumps and all. Chest back! They’re crazier.

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