After trying this brand, I threw away all the other bras.

I still remember my mother told me that it was time to start wearing a bra. I am in the fifth grade, I didn’t brush my hair, I definitely have no interest in wearing a bra.

I told her that the bra is not for me, that’s it.

Unfortunately, for my 10-year-old self, my mother is not the kind of woman who accepts me.

Long story short: Brass finally won.

Their victory brought years of discomfort. Regardless of style or fit, the bra I tried was always too tight, too loose, too much material, or too little FAR material. After years of discomfort, I have to think that this is the way the world works. The sky is blue, the rent in New York City is too high, and the bra is the worst.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a former Victoria’s Secret employee, was frustrated with the lingerie industry and wanted to destroy it. She believes in creating a brand that focuses on empowering women rather than taking them away. Therefore, LIVELY was born.

Say goodbye to a pointed wire world and impossible size, and say your good comfort, support and practicality.

The LIVELY bra works with your body to give you the best fit, instead of forcing your body into places you don’t want. The bra is made of ultra-soft material so you don’t have to worry about digging or pulling. My favorite is All Day Mesh Trim Bralette ($35; Despite being a bralette, it still provides plenty of support and no harsh wires.

After switching to LIVELY, I never looked back. I finally cleaned up the house in my bra drawer and replaced it with the option I really like to wear. From Seamless Deep V Bralette ($35; to all-day wireless push-ups ($35;, Lively offers a style that anyone can appreciate for $35, and the price tag cannot be exceeded.

Made from LIVELY’s ultra-comfortable materials, these bras are very comfortable and you can sleep.

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