The pattern of food

Nowadays, more and more people would like to pay their attention to the improvement of taste in their daily life, this situation not only reflected the eating, playing but also wearing, and then which you are more concerned about above all?maybe If you are a girl, you may choose eating and wear, so here,  the topic we will discuss today is that how to contact eat and wear together, do you want to participate in? Is that interesting for you to listen to? there is a popularaty for the mixture of eating ang wearing Before,and there are a lot of the patterns of food on the clothes, and the pattern can be defined by their own, in other words, you can wear your own favorite food clothes, because it is their own patterns, which can rich their own Personality, you would no longer worry about your clothes has no characteristics, but also you will not easily alike others wearing in the crowd.

I have seeing a girl wearing a lot of T-shirt with fruit patterns before, in the hot summer, It seemed that you look very cool,and The mood will be very comfortable, if you have a choice for that, are you the same as his choice of fruit clothing? If there is a pattern of a hot dog or a hamburger on the clothing, maybe for the  people in hungry, it seems that is a good choice of it, then now the first thing for you to do is just let us discuss the pattern of food you wanted!

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