Year end party you choose this “big win” Womens Sexy Dresses, others are all the backdrop

Womens Sexy Dresses
At the end of the year, Christmas Eve, new year’s Eve, company annual meeting and friends gathering are already on the way. What’s the problem of “what should I wear”? Did you get it?

I really have to end all around party and mustering their efforts to install new friends, maybe you will understand this idea: probably the next few weeks the circle of friends must rely on these fashionable videos of appearances, not full gear firepower to go.

But the party should wear what “this topic is always a headache, especially Womens Sexy Dresses moderation, too much force will appear too hard enough to catch the horse, and will lose the battle, the most important is Zhuangshan embarrassing. So, today it is to give you the recommended four Girl petty love to wear a niche brand, good design, color taste, collar Zhuangshan risk, Party Queen who quickly look.

Last year, Jonathan Simkhai, who picked up the CFDA Fashion Fund Award, has a very beautiful resume: graduated from New York famous fashion design institute, Yan Gao Gao, and a celebrity celebrity customer.

The only difference is that Jonathan Simkhai is good at looking for design inspiration from men’s elements, he designed the Womens Sexy Dresses most dignified, playful and not the “rebellious ladies too observant of conventional standards.,” style but captured many fashionable New York people’s heart.

In the 2018 spring and summer series, Jonathan Simkhai also played his best neutral style, color is the fairy fan Macarons color, fabric is elegant and clever Princess wind, but the cut is asymmetric hollow, style is also a little street tune pants.

Who is more persuasive than the first lady of the United States when it comes to the recognition of commercial value?

Hollywood is a female star, can not refuse Jonathan Simkhai Womens Sexy Dresses, hollowed out, these elements are designed to bandage a little old-fashioned, especially avant-garde special fashion, wearing his skirts always look elegant and rich.

Small fashion fans must recognize the British brand. The female designer Amy Powney is the creative director. This year, he also won the BFC/Vogue Designer Award, which combines the sweet maiden feelings and handsome neutral style.

Mother of Pearl is good at printing and embroidery detail fusion profile tailoring to create half of the sweet and half handsome design style. This design generally lets you first think of Marni, but compared to Marni’s literary and artistic female youth image, Mother of Pearl has a hard and casual character.

At 2018 spring and summer London Fashion Week, Mother of Pearl also brushed up a wave of topics: models in home clothes, with pillows on the show…

How can a cool brand in this bone be so superficial? In fact, the designer is from her daily life inspiration, such as the end of September each year in London at the “Harvest Festival”, who was wearing a beautiful pearl sequins and fashionable Womens Sexy Dresses grandmother called “Pearl queen (Pearly Queen)”, on behalf of the creative theme of nostalgia and out of the ordinary.

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