Dresses to reduce the March 10 Womens Sexy Dresses sales target

Womens Sexy Dresses

PRINCETON – Over 700 Womens Sexy Dresseses will be available during the PROMISE Womens Sexy Dresses Sale next weekend.

The sixth annual sales time is 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Saturday, March 10, at 316 Princeton First United Methodist Church.

This promotion offers old and new Womens Sexy Dresseses of various shapes and sizes for a discounted price of $ 50 or less.

Coordinator Amy Thompson said this is a good opportunity to avoid paying full price on prom Womens Sexy Dresseses and these days can be very expensive. Thompson said she recently read an online survey saying the cost of the Midwest Ball is averaging about $ 600.

Thompson first sold clothing in 2013. Since then, sales have been growing each year, attracting shoppers from all over the country.

Thompson said that in addition to the ball gown, there are many options to choose from. Some people look for home, weddings and parades, while others know to wear formal clothes on the right occasion.
Womens Sexy Dresses

Thompson said the day was fun and always busy. Sometimes it may be confusing.

She said the best way to shop is in the night before the VIP event. Those who donate gowns five years or more can shop at VIP night from 5pm to 7pm. Friday, March 9.

Each year, PROMISE Womens Sexy Dresses Sale proceeds are split and donated to two nonprofit community organizations that benefit children.

This year, Thompson chose the First United Methodist Youth Department and the Second Story Youth Center at Princeton.

Thompson said the youth center is a great place for kids to go out and play.

“It’s safe for children, they provide shelter and food to children, and for them it’s a good environment after school,” Thompson said.

She said Jeff and Dana Van Autreve, the owners who needed the courage to do the second story, were trying to get the teen center to grow.

“Listen to God, hear His message, and actually went through it. Too fantastic. In order to see the success of the Youth Center, you really know that God is standing behind them, supporting them and helping them to become possible,” she said .

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