Bikini development history and choice

The summer of 1947, the French beach for the first time appeared modern bikini, following the previous year after the invention in France. It is named after the “Bikini Atoll”, which is home to many nuclear explosions in the Pacific. Just a few weeks later, a swimsuit “Atome” was called “the world’s smallest swimwear”, this new style swimsuit is called “split atom”, so the feeling of two swimsuit is bikini was born.Although it was usually thought to be invented in 1947, two-piece swimsuit was recorded in history as early as the fourth century and was regularly used by Roman women. But in the past six decades, bikini has become synonymous with the beach.So mroe and more Wholesale Bikini manufacturer appear.

We are Wholesale Sexy Underwear and we will focus on the traditional bikini shape and style.

The style you choose will depend to a large extent on your body, as some styles are designed for larger body types. Body style, for bikini, can usually be divided into three or four categories, defined by the maximum area of ​​your body.

Triangle bikini is one of the most common bikini styles, and their best job when your breast is not really bigger than the D cup. They consist of two triangular material areas (one for each breast), which are directly connected or held together by sheet material or thread. Triangle styles are best suited for smaller breasts because they can not provide the support needed for larger breasts.

On the other hand, the briefs bikini is more suitable for larger women in the chest. If your bra size is C cup, or above, then this style will certainly look better and provide much-needed support. They generally have a wider band, triangular bikini Italian spaghetti with no dug in any place to your shoulders.

If you need a little extra help to your bikini,you can visit to website lover-beauty you  look for a filled bikini or plunge bikini, as this will give you the chest lift and pull them closer together to create a bigger split, then you will have a traditional triangular style.

If you are the heaviest, then look for a simple bikini top coat, go to a detailed bikini pants, put your eyes from your chest. On the contrary, if your lower half is larger than your upper half, then keep a simple pants and a detailed bikini shirt.

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